It seems to be a person…

Di Xi took a deep look at Shanghai, and then at the revolving door of transformation, his eyes revealed a deep jealousy, gritted his teeth, and immediately turned back and retreated.Shanghai didn\’t chase him, even if he catches up, he may not be able to kill him. The opponent is a god, and he will definitely have one or two weight protection treasures on his body. Seriously injured.The Son of God was defeated, this is simply too surprising. The three descendants of the god race who were still standing in the distance could not help but choose to give up.In Xia Yan Po Tian, ​​I don\’t know the name of this brother. Yan Po Tian stood up and said loudly.Shanghai!Brothers are so strong and admire that they have been offended just now, but I hope brother Haihan. Yan Potian arched his hands.You\’re welcome.I won\’t talk too much nonsense. I have four sets of quota beads, and my brother has three sets of quota beads. How about we exchange? Yan Potian smiled.Okay! Shanghai naturally wouldn\’t refuse.Immediately!Yan Potian took out the quota beads, Shanghai also took out the one on his body, and exchanged the two quota beads on the spot.Brother Lin, now you and I are both qualified to enter the final round. Maybe you and I will have a chance to fight each other. I hope my brother will show mercy by then. Yan Potian smiled.Say it then.Well, goodbye!Watching Yan Potian leave, Shanghai turned back and left.The result of the second competition came out on the spot. The two places were naturally won by Shanghai and Yan Potian. The latter was expected by the public. After all, the other party was a god, and it was natural to get the place, but the former was shocked. A lot of the chins of the descendants of the Protoss were dropped.Who is Shanghai?No one knows. Except for a very small number of people, more than 90% of the descendants of the Protoss have never heard of it. This name is like a black horse that turned out to be born. If it was just an ordinary black horse, it would not let it. People are too concerned.The key is that Shanghai defeated Di Shi Zi and got this place, and the gold content in it can be imagined.At the end of the second scene, there was a wave of turmoil in the entire square, and many descendants of the Protoss were sent out to inquire about the identity of Shanghai.

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