Ming Yuyan, I still have an important task ahead of me, so why don\’t you let it go for the time being, what kind of grievances do you have, and how to deal with it later? Li Jian said.

Although the descendants of the main race are strong, this person has not experienced life and death. Even if the strength is strong enough, he will eventually lose.The third one…Unexpectedly, the eighth brother is not weaker than the eldest brother, this guy hides really deep…two divine abilities… Lingxuanhao smiled bitterly, but his expression was full of relief and joy.Maybe the eighth brother really has a chance…Don\’t worry, take a look….call out……A ray of light rose in the sky, and between the light and darkness, a descendant of the god race was chopped off, and desperately took out the crystal of the gods and handed it over.Thank you. Shanghai put away the crystal of God and continued to move forward, his expression still calm and calm.The fourth one…The worries on the faces of the people in the spirits and spirits were replaced by excitement and excitement. They didn\’t expect Shanghai to be so strong.now!The amazing performance of Shanghai was gradually noticed by the descendants of the Protoss on the square.Who is this guy?It\’s amazing. I defeated four opponents… and there is also a descendant of the main race.This person seems to be in the same line of spirit and spirit, what is the name of Lin? By the way, Shanghai.Being able to defeat four peers, this person is not weak anymore, and he has the ability to at least enter the top 50 in the previous session.Of course, everyone just paid a little attention.Where the demon god clan is located, the faces of the demon god clan leader and the other demon children are getting darker, because Shanghai\’s performance has greatly exceeded their expectations.Grandpa, this kid hides so deep…

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