After being drunk, Ling Xuanhao and others reacted, and there was a trace of unwillingness and self-motivation in everyone\’s eyes.Seeing this, Ling Zhantian and others nodded slightly with satisfaction. They just wanted to arouse the fighting spirit of the younger generation of Lingshen. I believe that Lingxuanhao and others will work harder and better after going back after experiencing this Hundred Clan Conference. Hard work will be more attentive.suddenly!An overbearing aura came out from the most central exit, violently suppressing the aura of most people, just like an overlord, under this aura, a man with a height of two feet It appeared empty, black hair dancing wildly without wind, and the top of it was covered with galloping thunder.Under this aura, the young descendants of the main race were overwhelmed with aura. These people stared at the tall man, but that was all, because they knew that the madman in front of them was a powerful generation. .Eighth brother, this is His Royal Highness Ba Yu of the God Clan of Heaven Punishment. This person participated in the last Hundred Clan Conference at the age of forty-six and rushed to the third place. If it wasn\’t because he was too young, I\’m afraid There is a chance to win the first place.Ling Xuan Jian said in a deep voice: \”Three hundred years have passed, this person is more arrogant than before, but the strength is even more terrifying, even if I am against, I will lose within ten strokes…\”Big brother can\’t even survive ten tricks? Shanghai said in surprise.You don’t know how terrible this guy is. Although I didn’t fight him last year, I saw him make a shot with my own eyes. He didn’t dare to fight hard. It’s been the case in the past. He has cultivated for three hundred years, and his strength is definitely more terrifying. He may even reach the level of a semi-sage master, and at the worst, he has reached the peak of the king… So, if you Against him, don\’t think about fighting him, give up immediately, or you will never have the chance to give up again… Lingxuanjian said.Um!Shanghai nodded slightly, but the gaze looking at Ba Yu exuded a trace of enthusiasm and warfare. Of course, he would not show it. This would make grandpa and others worried. After all, Ba Yu is the person who has the most chance to win the title, even his eldest brother. Can\’t survive ten tricks, let alone him.At this time!Tyrant Yu, who was releasing his terrifying aura, suddenly reduced his aura, and cast his gaze on a person of the Dark God clan who was wrapped in darkness and only left behind. From his hazy figure, this person was a woman.Ming Yuyan, I will defeat you this time at the Hundred Clan Conference. Remember our agreement, if you lose, you will marry me. Ba Yu\’s voice was like a rolling thunder, and the eardrums of the people present shook sharply. s consequence.You can beat me. A quiet voice came from the woman\’s mouth, giving people a feeling of darkness to the extreme.Hearing these two people\’s conversation, the bottom suddenly exploded.His Royal Highness Ba Yu and His Royal Highness Ming Yuyan have an agreement?Did the two have fought each other before? His Highness Ba Yu lost?If His Royal Highness Ming Yuyan loses, he will marry His Royal Highness Ba Yu. How about that His Royal Highness Ba Yu loses? Is it necessary to join the Zui Ming God clan?Don\’t talk nonsense, there must be some agreement between the two. I heard that Her Royal Highness Ming Yuyan is the most beautiful of our midfielders. Unfortunately, very few people have seen her appearance, but it is absolutely rare that His Royal Highness Ba Yu can be moved. Wonderful person.

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