This made Shen Xian hesitant. Could it be that this man has some conspiracy.

Li Siyu didn\’t answer again. She wants to review now and try to do better in the exam. In the next few days, several people began to write hard and review their lessons. \”Hey? What are you doing? It\’s so cold outside.\” Wei Panpan called Xiao AI who was going out. \”Something\’s wrong.\” Xiao AI hesitated and ran out. In this cold day, everyone didn\’t go out with her, so they had to watch her run out. \”Hey? Come and have a look?\” Wang Yuanyuan stood at the window and greeted the others. A few people gathered together to have a look. Xiao AI followed a boy and left together. \”My God, what\’s the situation?\” Wei Panpan looked at a picture downstairs in disbelief. Li Siyu looked at the boy\’s back and suddenly remembered, \”isn\’t this Qinchuan?\” \”Qinchuan?\” everyone else looked at Li Siyu, with full gossip in their eyes. Isn\’t this Qinchuan? Li Siyu remembers very clearly that the two people have always been in the same class. They can see it every day. How can they admit their mistakes. \”What\’s the situation?\” Wei Panpan stared at her, ready to ask her to say something. Li Siyu dragged his chin and wondered, \”when did these two people get together?\” \”we\’re waiting for you to say, you still ask us?\” Wei Panpan didn\’t expect her to say so, waving her hand in a lack of interest. \”I don\’t know if she\’s like that.\” Wang Yuanyuan sat back chewing sweet potato and continued to read her textbook. Li Siyu nodded. \”Qin Chuan and I are in the same class, but I don\’t know why they are together.\” but Qin Chuan is also a person without bad heart. Before, he asked himself to let Xiao AI stay away from his classmates and solve the siege for himself. On the whole, isn\’t it good? However, she didn\’t know about this person\’s family or in-depth, so she didn\’t dare to decide whether this person was a good person or not. \”People are starting to date. Why don\’t you worry? You might as well look at yourself.\” Wen Yueshan remembered that Wang Yuanyuan and Wei Panpan had bet to see who could find someone first.

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