Shen Ling was surprised at the cold weather. I still drink such cold wine. It seems that I really feel better. It\’s not like her. When she drank fruit wine a few days ago, she had to be hot before drinking.

Seeing that Xu Weinan said so much, Zhang Dawei\’s mother was not happy. \”I said Nannan, how can you talk like that? My old Zhang family bought you a watch and asked his little sister-in-law to bring it around. How can it be so picky.\” Xu Weinan was even more unhappy when he looked at his mother-in-law who was different from her when she got married before. What I said when I got married was good. Now it\’s different. I asked her to cook and wash clothes in two days and instructed her to do this and that. There\’s no image of a good mother-in-law at all. Now it\’s showing its true face, isn\’t it? Xu Weinan didn\’t talk to her mother-in-law, but looked at Zhang Dawei. He sat at the table eating without making a sound. This is the plan. Don\’t ask! Xu Weinan said coldly, \”Zhang Dawei, you don\’t speak, do you?\” she regretted a little. Why didn\’t this man help her? Zhang Dawei took a meal with his hands, and then looked at Xu Weinan. Zhang Dawei is really moved by her beautiful face, but he and his mother and sister are the only ones in the family. If her daughter-in-law is so strong, doesn\’t she have to bully everyone in the family to death? \”What\’s the matter? My sister said you would wear it for two days. What can you do?\” Zhang Dawei patted the table, spilled the soup and dripped Xu Weinan across the table. Fortunately, the soup was not hot and did not burn people. Xu Weinan looked at Zhang Dawei in disbelief. \”You! How can you do this!\” the original kind words turned into what they are now. They said they would not give her gift money and sell her watches. I started asking her for a watch again. Why, do you want to marry a daughter-in-law for nothing? Zhang Dawei knows that he is married now. It doesn\’t matter what happens. He is not afraid of Xu Weinan\’s trouble. It is impossible to divorce now. He will come back to his mother\’s house sooner or later. Looking at Zhang Dawei\’s indifferent appearance, Xu Weinan was very disappointed. \”You don\’t speak, right? I\’ll go home!\” Xu Weinan opened the door and left without anyone stopping her. \”Such a daughter-in-law should be cured. What\’s the problem? She can\’t ride on your neck in the future?\” Zhang Dawei\’s mother doesn\’t look at the daughter-in-law at all, but she can\’t stand her son\’s liking. She also has a decent job. But now that I\’m married, it\’s impossible to go to heaven again. Zhang Dawei nodded approvingly, \”don\’t worry, mom, I\’ll let her be honest sooner or later.\” anyway, I have to come back in two days. If I come back again, don\’t blame him. Xu Weinan returned to her mother\’s house all the way. When she saw that no one really came out to chase her, her wronged tears couldn\’t stop.

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