Hearing the speech, Shen Ling was stunned.

Seeing that everyone had left, Secretary Qiu got up and sat down opposite Li Siyu\’s desk. \”Xiao Li, I want to ask you something to stay today.\” his face was calm and serious. Li Siyu immediately sat down and said, \”Secretary Qiu, please speak.\” Secretary Qiu slowed down and said, \”Vice Mayor Cao, your manuscript is not bad. You may be buried in the labor union in the mining plant. So he meant that you should go to our material room to write documents. It\’s much better than the labor union.\” of course, it\’s much better! Li Siyu\’s heart blossomed with joy. As expected. She has long thought that there are only three people in the secretary room. She can\’t be arranged again. It\’s still possible to transfer. \”Then thank Secretary Qiu and Vice Mayor Cao. It\’s my honor to work here.\” Li Siyu has a serious face and wants to say good words. Xing Chen looked at the conversation between the two people and didn\’t look at this \”flatterer\” at all. \”Ready?\” he asked, raising his hand and looking at the time. Chapter 136 in case of emergency, Secretary Qiu tilted his head and stared at Xing Chen. \”OK!\” he said to Li Siyu again, \”I\’ll open the letter of introduction for you and report in the material room next month.\” Li Siyu immediately smiled and nodded, \”OK, Secretary Qiu, thank you.\” Yeah, promotion and salary increase! Secretary Qiu didn\’t say much, so he took his bag and left with Xing Chen. Li Siyu also quickly packed up and left. Today is a good day! At the door, Li Siyu saw Peng lingman waiting for him, thinking that it was not good to go to others empty handed. \”Secretary Peng, wait for me. I\’ll go to the dormitory to change clothes.\” it\’s really hot. I must smell when I\’ve been sitting in the office all day. Peng lingman knew that girls had this habit, so he nodded and agreed. \”I\’ll wait for you at the bottom of the dormitory. Let\’s go.\” Li Siyu went back and quickly changed a suit of clothes. Then he took a bag of stove fruit and a bag of rice sticks. These things are small snacks and can\’t find faults without being picky.

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