Mammy Chen thought for a moment, Your Majesty doesn\’t hate Miss Shen at least. After all, Miss Yang came a few days ago and just wanted to get close to her majesty, she was ordered to be thrown into the lake by her majesty. Although she was indifferent to Miss Shen, she was always helpful.

The girl suddenly turned pale when she heard this. Who are you? \”Brother Cheng, don\’t you remember me? I\’m Yang Haizhen next door to your house. Are you kidding me?\” Yang Haizhen\’s face is a little better. Can\’t she be so forgetful? They meet every day. Lin Cheng looked at the girl in front of him, his eyes did not hide his disgust. Didn\’t you see him? No one\’s coming? Not yet. Lin Cheng pushed the car to Li Siyu and ignored the annoying girl. Li Siyu looked at Lin Cheng with a smile, looked up and down, and didn\’t speak. Lin Cheng was wronged by her stare. I didn\’t let her talk to me. Blame her! Lin Cheng took a horizontal look at Yang Haizhen who followed him. How can this man not see at all! Yang Haizhen just recovered from his disgusted eyes, which gave her another look. \”Brother Cheng\” she doesn\’t understand why Lin Cheng did this to her. \”Sorry.\” Lin Cheng interrupted her and said, \”I don\’t know you. Don\’t call me brother. I don\’t have a sister.\” his words made Yang Haizhen pale and bloodless. \”Also, stay away from me!\” Lin Cheng warned her impolitely. Don\’t delay my object, no one can! Yang Haizhen was struck by his series of words until they left without slowing down. Li Siyu sat behind the car seat and said coolly, \”Lin Er Shao is really a lot of peach blossoms. There are little sisters chasing him everywhere.\” when Lin Cheng heard this, his heart sank. See, why bother him?

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