Shen Xian saw that his brother left him immediately, and then eagerly walked to Shen Ling. I don\’t know what you\’re doing here. It\’s really useless! he immediately scolded. Let the people on one side be stunned. Is this the etiquette of the second miss of Zhongyi Hou\’s house? Vaguely, I just feel that it is inconsistent with the rumors.

The other side. Fang Yang has gathered with Zhan Lingshui. Zhan Ling was white on the water. It was obvious that her state was not very good. When Fang Yang rushed over, the golden awn between her eyes also slowly dispersed, and her cheeks were white again. The previous phantom came into being precisely because of the pupil of the war spirit water and the war god. Otherwise, it is really difficult to deceive Sima Xiangshan just by relying on Fang Yang\’s state at this time. However, it was also because of this that Zhan Lingshui, who was already seriously injured, was seriously injured. \”Thanks to you, we can\’t stay here now. Let\’s leave here quickly.\” Fang Yang said. Zhan Lingshui and WAN Sen both nodded. They didn\’t dare to neglect. Qi Qi left here. The purpose of this trip has been achieved. The death of several Dragon Kings has a great impact on the Longyuan Dynasty. In addition, it has obtained more than half of Lei Qilin\’s essence, which has destroyed Longyuan\’s plan. Needless to say, once the essence can be fully refined, it will also be a great help to Fangyang! Since there is no need to stay here, Fang Yang and the three left directly. The sea of clouds filled the air, but without Lei Qilin\’s guard, the space was gradually collapsing. The meaning of existence here is to let Lei Qilin recover his wounds. Now Lei Qilin is killed and his essence is scattered, which is naturally difficult to maintain. Whoosh. The wind broke through the air. Fang Yang took Zhan Lingshui and Wansen to break the space and escape from here. \”Where are we going now?\” Wansen asked, his expression not very good-looking. During this trip, his identity has been completely exposed. Now I don\’t know what Long Yuan\’s attitude towards him will be. Once Long Yuan really has the power to fight, those who still have long yuan in their bodies are likely to die in an instant! \”Find a place to settle down first. Sima Xiangshan will certainly look for us everywhere. He can\’t find us first.\” Fang Yang said. He looked at Zhan Lingshui and Wansen, frowning: \”and you two must be careful about the Dragon yuan in your body.\” \”I know a place.\” Zhan Lingshui suddenly said, \”there should be no attention there, and the limitations of Long Yuan will be limited.\” \”Oh? Where?\” Wansen was inspired. He is worried about it now. If there is really any place to ensure safety, it would be great.

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