Therefore, I was worried all day today. Seeing the two of them back this time, I was worried that Shen Ling was around and didn\’t ask. I just waited for Shen Ling to leave. As soon as I sat down, I hurriedly asked,

Fang Yang was stunned. You should know that he was blessed by the Dharma minister. How big he was, but the man in front of him was the same size as him. Is this the trick of Zhan\’s life? When Fang Yang\’s eyes were fixed on the ghost ghost ghost shadow in front of him, there was a strong sharp light and a dull noise behind him. Fang Yang swept his eyes around and looked surprised. This was a lot of ghost ghost ghost shadow!! he thought There was only one attack in front of him, but at this time, the whole space was full of ghost shadows of general size. Unexpectedly, there were so many! Fang Yang stared and thought he had fallen into some kind of magic array for a time. But immediately after that, the ghost shadows in all directions moved together, and countless black sharp moments He cut through the clouds and swept towards Fang Yang. He felt the power of a sharp light. Fang Yang can be sure that what he saw is definitely not an illusion! There are more than ten thousand ghost shadows here! Killing ten thousand ghosts must have been the killing move of Zhan life! Now, Fang Yang has to break his move and kill Zhan life Kill! When he thought of this, he didn\’t hesitate. The Yin and Yang in his body moved and the Yin and Yang moved out in disorder. With the improvement of the effect of the disorder of yin and Yang, Fang Yang\’s whole body was filled with breath and his combat power increased greatly. Since he wanted to take action, there would be no hand left. After that, Fang Yang\’s eyebrows trembled, cracks appeared, magnificent blue light projected out, and the dragon\’s power spread and the Dragon died The pupil of the eye came out! The chaos of yin and Yang and the dragon eye pupil were Fang Yang\’s two strongest moves. Under the blessing of these two moves, Fang Yang\’s determination was also demonstrated. Make a quick decision! The ghost shadows around seemed to feel the danger. Without hesitation, they rushed up together, filled with the spirit of the ghost, swept away and chopped down on Fang Yang. The black mans swept away, Ten thousand blades break the sky! Chapter 756 the sword breaks the field. The black dragon method urges the Dragon yuan, making the corpse ghost dragon power of Zhan Shengli completely explode. This move is the strongest move in Zhan\’s life, just as Fang Yang guessed. The dragon power is diffuse, condenses the corpse ghost, never dies and kills the enemy.

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