Ling\’er, how about going to visit the Empress Dowager in the palace today? Qian drank tea next to her. He glanced at the white jade Buddha statue in front of Shen Ling\’s cabinet from time to time. He was cruel and stopped looking at it.

Waiting for him to see that the dragon power was indeed chasing him, it was too late to dodge. He barely crushed a dragon crystal to accelerate, but how could the instantaneous acceleration exceed the dragon power. \”No, no! How could this happen!\” Hou Zhen screamed. Under his voice, the golden dragon power also directly hit him. Boom! The contact of the Dragon force burst and the golden light swept away. Hou Zhengen could not have made any means of resistance, but was swallowed up by the Dragon force. Just like fireworks exploding, when the Golden Dragon Power dissipates, Hou Zhen has also turned into a powder in the sky. One hit, second kill! Fang Yang said coldly, \”you\’d better give back your things.\” \”OK!\” \”it\’s really powerful. Such a person should be killed!\” \”how did you do that just now? It\’s really\” \”a group of animals still want to lead the Dragon here. They deserve to die!\” bursts of cheers sounded. If Fang Yang wasn\’t here, The previous dragon power was enough to kill all of them. Even those who are also members of the Dragon cutting Association applaud Hou Zhen\’s death. On the other side, the golden armor general saw this scene with his own eyes and was stunned. Even he didn\’t expect his dragon power to appear. Is this boy covered? But then he gave a cold hum. Anyway, he killed one by one, and the guy died, and these people couldn\’t let go. \”Next is you!\” he roared, aiming at Fang Yang. That\’s the boy. The previous blow was a little shocking. Kill him first. But before he had any action, Fang Yang\’s head suddenly lifted and looked this way. At this time, the golden armor general felt cold all over his body, and the forest was cold, as if he was going to devour him. DANGER?

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