Shen Ling just shrank behind, only at the beginning, whispered her father and brother.

The clam sea quacked and laughed. Listening to Fang Yang\’s words, he sneered with a big belly and didn\’t take it to heart. Janitor? He is the grandiose clam sea, the descendant of the sea swallowing giant clam. Who can have that grade to let him watch the door? It\’s a dream. Now, I will swallow you all with the vast sea! The clam sea was powered again. The waves surged and the momentum increased sharply. But just when the vast sea waves urged by him hit the yin-yang Liuxian hall, the wooden branches left by Fang Yang also fell on the back of the sea swallowing giant clam. When he touched them, the green light was flourishing. The bright green light rose in an instant, dazzling and suppressed the roar of the sea culvert. When the wood branch falls on the body of the giant clam, it will take root. Originally a small wooden pole, it grew rapidly with the naked eye, and changed into a towering ancient wood in the blink of an eye. The Dharma of swallowing sea giant clam is so huge that it is almost like a mountain. But under such a huge tree, it is not much different. The huge tree is lush, its branches and leaves are like umbrellas, lush and in full bloom. From a distance, it looks like a green umbrella on a giant clam swallowing the sea. Under the green light as like as two peas, the clam itself was shocked by a great deal of violence. The face was suddenly changed and screamed. His figure suddenly twisted and crept up and began to be a half human body. Under this peristalsis, he quickly withdrew the swallowed giant clam, which was similar to his own method, but was no longer a little bigger than the body. The two as like as two peas, the sea clam trembled, and finally the clam\’s body flew up and hit directly into its own \”law phase\”. \”Why, why is it like this!\” clam sea roared reluctantly. He wanted to struggle, but the strange tree above the Dharma phase had great traction. He not only mastered his Dharma phase in an instant, but also sucked his noumenon into the Dharma phase. As a hybrid of human and demon, the Dharma phase is extremely difficult to condense. The Dharma phase above his head is his father, the real ancient demon, the sea swallowing giant clam. After the death of the sea swallowing giant clam, he connected his divine soul with the sea swallowing giant clam with the help of the secret method, which formed his own unique Dharma phase. But I didn\’t expect that this opportunistic point was used by Mu Rong. Instead, it relied on an ancient wood to completely master him. Clam sea was unwilling, but at this time, he had no resistance. The strength of the two is not at the same level at all. He wants to resist with his own strength, which is far from enough. When the clam sea itself was shrouded by ancient wood, the waves that had been controlled by his Xuanqi immediately disappeared from the attack of Xuanqi, which turned into water mist and collapsed. The sea pillar, which had threatened the safety of the yin-yang Liuxian hall, disappeared for a moment. Not only that, the clam sea is controlled by Gu Mu. Without combat power, even if he is unwilling, he can only sink. In the roar, his body struggled and crashed into the waves. The huge sea water splashed, and the clam sea body disappeared directly under the sea. Watching a huge vortex flow, it lasted for a quarter of an hour before it slowly subsided. As for clam sea, he has long lost his breath here. Such a change of scene also made everyone look dull.

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