I saw her in a green dress, with a thin waist, a grip, a white face and a pair of apricot eyes, as if she also contained autumn water and a pink cherry mouth, which made people feel pity.

The mysterious Qi here fluctuated and attracted many people\’s attention. After seeing that Xiong Meng was besieged by Fang Yang, the people in the original station immediately became angry. Fang Yang has a very high position in their mind, because they fall into such a shape. At this time, there are still people who dare to pick things. Where do you put them! If even Fang Yang is not well cared for, sun rukong and others will be angry. For a time, the crowd gathered and more than a hundred fighters rushed directly. This scene was frightening. Xiong Meng and others were not light. The sword Gang gathered in his hands also scattered directly. After staying in the station for a few days, although they heard that the people praised Fang Yang, in their eyes, Fang Yang was still a disabled man. He respected his strength in the nether passage. Even if he forcibly occupied it, he was scolded at most, but he didn\’t take it seriously. If you want to be strong, you still have to rely on their real experts. What\’s the use of counting on a loser? But at this time, they suddenly woke up when they saw angry faces. It seemed that they underestimated Fang Yang\’s influence. At this time, these martial artists had rushed up and attacked without leaving their hands. Even Xiong Meng was only in a panic. Several people quickly ran away and fled outside the camp. A moment later, it was quiet here. When Fang Yang saw this scene, his heart was warm. Everyone knew what he had done. Although he couldn\’t use Xuanqi now, he was not alone. \”Brother Fang Yang, are you all right?\” Lv ye asked hurriedly. Fang Yang shook his head. \”It\’s all right. You don\’t have to be brave in the future. Well, after today\’s events, you won\’t dare to do it again.\” as he spoke, his eyes swept in the distance. What happened here was also in the eyes of everyone in the station. There were some gossip about Fang Yang behind his back. Several people who were ready to move immediately gave up their thoughts. The previous scene alone was enough to make people tremble. Darling, I didn\’t expect Fang Yang to have such a position in the station. Offending him is no weaker than offending sun rukong. Moreover, Fang Yang\’s strength previously revealed has also restrained many people. It doesn\’t mean that his accomplishments are wasted. But just now, people who can\’t resist most martial arts, whether it\’s strength or Kendo, also remember that Fang Yang is still hanging on the Dragon list. Although he has no ranking for the time being, according to the character of the divine operator, if his accomplishments are wasted, Can you still have such a position? Chapter 577 goodbye. The storm in the demon woman\’s residence is just a small episode.

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