No soy sauce, but it tastes good. She has plenty of spices, but she can\’t go too far.

On the cloud fire boat. Wang Nian and Yu Yue came back to their senses. Both of them were full of excitement. \”Brother Fang is really powerful!\” Wang Nian blushed. Yu Yue also nodded heavily. Even after contacting Fang Yang for such a period of time, they didn\’t have a clear understanding of what level Fang Yang\’s strength could reach. Today, they can finally witness it with their own eyes. At least, before 152 in the Dragon list! \”However, there is another Zhaoming Lake next,\” Yu Yue whispered. Wang Nian\’s face was excited, and then he was a little nervous. Yes, there is another head of Mingyue lake, Zhao Minghu. He is not at the level of crazy sand Zheng Wanli. Chapter 530 the rain melts the sword. Fang Yang\’s sword cuts Zheng Wanli. With a step of burning fire under his feet, the embers flicker and disappear again. This time, his goal is to go to Zhao Xian. Zhao Xian is different from Zheng Wanli. At least Zheng Wanli\’s inside information is there, coupled with sand and stone protection. Under Fang Yang\’s previous sword star, although the damage is heavy enough, he has not lost his ability to move. As for Zhao Xian, his internal organs were broken and his meridians were broken under the sweep of the sword star. If he hadn\’t breathed a sigh of vitality in Tianyang, he would be dead now. However, Rao is so, he has lost any action power. At this time, Fang Yang came, his face changed greatly, and he howled fiercely. He didn\’t care if he could find the next body to use again. He quickly broke his heart pulse, and the spirit rushed out and went straight into the rain clouds in the air. \”Dad, help me!\” Zhao Xian shouted. Fang Yang\’s face was cold, and the yin-yang sword move on the nine palace sword was displayed again. The black-and-white line flew away and aimed at Zhao Xian\’s spirit. Once caught by the yin-yang line, Zhao Xian\’s spirit will inevitably perish here. There is no hope of survival. At this time, Zhao Minghu on the rainy clouds couldn\’t sit still. At first, he thought that Fang Yangfa\’s strength was at most 156 on the Dragon list. Combined with the strength of Zheng Wanli and Zhao Xian, even if he could not kill Fang Yang again, it was enough to force him to have no future. But I never thought that when the two sides fought each other, they overturned his idea in an instant. Zheng Wanli and Zhao Xian have done their best, but they have never made two moves under Fang Yang?? In particular, Zheng Wanli died so fast that he didn\’t have time to respond to save him. Now he can see that his son is running away and Fang Yang is chasing after him. Where can Zhao Minghu resist it.

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