Li Siyu came out of the space and hurried back to the office.

In any case, I made a lot of money today. Chapter 444 go back to the center of the guanlou Qingmu city. There is a huge and luxurious palace, which is heavily guarded around. This is the residence of Chaimu palace, the master who manages the city. Between a side hall in the city, there is a huge green jade. At this time, the jade suddenly flashed green, trembled, and then fell out of the jade. Jia song fell to the ground in a panic. He was panting, and his face was still frightened to see the flying green spear running through. It was too dangerous. If he was a little slower and was involved by the power of the flying green spear, he would surely die. \”Eh, isn\’t this captain Jia? It\’s embarrassing. Have you met any big demons?\” when Jia song was still in shock, a joking voice came from his side. Jia song staggered to his feet and glanced aside. As a result, he saw a middle-aged man sitting leisurely on a wooden table. \”Bai fan?\” Jia song breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this man, then straightened up, went to the man\’s side and sat down. He grabbed the wine glass and looked up to calm his mood a little. In front of him is the leader of the first team of Chaimu palace elite team, Bai fan. Bai fan came from a big family. He was originally born in the Senyang Dynasty among the Five Dynasties. It was only because he was not directly affiliated and coveted the exquisite Kendo in the clan that he slaughtered thousands of people in the clan overnight, stole skills and fled, and then came to the nether passage. He was cruel and ruthless. All the people killed that day, from his elderly parents to his brothers and sisters aged three or four, were no exception. Later, when he came to the nether passage, he also gained a great reputation. Only when he was defeated by the palace master when he fought with the palace master, did he fall in love with the palace master. Due to the promotion of exquisite Kendo, Bai fan\’s strength is also steadily ranked in the top five in Chaimu palace, but it is extremely powerful. Bai fan raised her eyebrows and looked at Jia song and sneered, \”what about the people in your team? Why are you the only one who came back, but when you met the great demon in the sunny world, you used the \’turn around Charm\’ related to your life.\” turn around charm is a unique charm in the nether passage. All large groups with rich information will have the basic core of the transmission method array, just like the green jade pillars in the side hall here. The turn sign is a unique thing related to the jade pillar. It is different in each group. Once the spell is activated, no matter how far you are, as long as the jade pillar is not damaged, you can return here in an instant. This object is somewhat similar to the small shift sign, but it is shorter and more purposeful than the small shift sign. Some core people in large groups will be given such spells, but it is quite troublesome to refine such spells. There are few Chaimu palace, and even if there are, few people will use them. This time, since Jia song came out of the light column, it was obviously caused by urging the turn sign. Jia song\’s strength also has the level of the later stage of chuyang. It is rare around Qingmu city. Even he had to urge him to turn around. It can be seen that the danger he encountered is not small. Listening to Bai fan\’s question, Jia song\’s face became extremely ugly. After a long silence, he squeezed out his words and said, \”they should all be dead.\”

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