Li Siyu:

Fang Yang first noticed that when his eyes coagulated, he saw Chen Jiuyin who came first, and his heart was heavy. Behind Chen Jiuyin was a group of evil spirits. At this time, they took off their cloaks one by one, revealing the ferocious face of half man and half ghost. The black smell emitted from their bodies was extremely evil, which made people unconsciously tremble after one look. \”It\’s them!! why are they here!\” Yin Hongyan changed his face when he saw the evil ghost group. The evil ghost group is a well-known group in the nether passage. It kills people everywhere. It is stronger than their red blood group. I don\’t know how many people will come to participate in the big house battle this time? Immediately, Yin Hongyan was very worried. It was no good meeting these people. After the attack, Fang Yang also saw the opportunity and rushed directly to Shui qianrou\’s side. As soon as the sword blade in his hand turned, the dragon and snake roared, a group of red blood regiments and martial artists in Shenhe mansion flew out, taking Shui qianrou to the huge door leaf. Zhan Shengsheng and Chen Jiuyin hate themselves to the bone. Wang Changhe and Yin Hongyan alone can\’t handle Fang Yang, let alone the rest of them. Once they get close, he will only die! On the multicolored zhenluan. Zhan Shengsheng\’s eyes had swept towards this side from a long distance. When he saw Fang Yang, he had a grim smile on his face and his voice sounded like Hong Zhong and Da LV; \”Fang Yang, where did you hide my good child? Don\’t hand it over to me quickly.\” when he spoke, he stretched out his big hand and saw that the spirit of black corpses and ghosts around him condensed into a huge handprint and fell on Fang Yang. The huge handprint is like falling rocks. It has a powerful momentum and strong wind everywhere. The people in Shenhe mansion and red blood group all turned pale. \”Heaven, Tianyang!!\” Yin Hongyan screamed in surprise. His face was like a ghost. Only the martial artists in Tianyang can release this momentum! What\’s the matter? Why did martial artists from Tianyang come here? Was it arranged by dragon Wushuang? As soon as he saw the martial artist in Tianyang territory, Yin Hongyan had no intention of war. He even turned around and ran away regardless of his red blood group. Wang Changhe was also frightened. After shaking a few times, he turned his head and rushed between the huge door leaves. \”Let\’s go!\” Fang Yang said in a deep voice. This huge palm print came from facing him, so it brought Fang Yang more pressure than everyone else. The strong wind was blowing on his face, as if to break the bones of his whole body. Fang Yang burst out, and the big sun cover floated out. The blessing was on his body. He rushed to the door with water and softness under strong pressure. As for those warriors in the red blood regiment and Shenhe mansion, they are not so lucky. Even those in the early Yang state have no hope of survival under the beat of Zhan\’s life. A red blood regiment\’s early Yang state falls last and wants to force the dark Qi to resist, but when they just touch the huge black palm strength, they are penetrated by the palm strength, The whole body suddenly burst into flesh and blood, which directly became a pool of meat mud. The palm vigorously chased after Fang Yang and burst layer by layer behind them. There were huge cracks on the ground. Seeing that Fang Yang was about to be swallowed up by the palm strength, they finally came to the huge door leaf. Without hesitation, Fang Yang held Shui qianrou\’s hand tightly and plunged into the door leaf in front of him. The dust and smoke rolled on the huge black door leaf. As Fang Yang\’s body passed the door owner, the black smoke twined on them in an instant, It seems that there is a powerful force tearing. When they tremble, their bodies also disappear outside in an instant. Chapter 376 rolling rock blocks the way

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