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\”Now, it\’s the cultivation to stabilize the middle stage of the empty and dark realm.\” Fang Yang took a deep breath, looked at himself, and looked happy. When he reached the middle stage of the empty and dark realm, the dark Qi in Fang Yang\’s body was more thick, much stronger than the general empty and dark realm. In addition, there was a hidden meaning of pure Yang between his pure Yang and dark Qi. Once he started, his power could only be stronger! \”The speed of this promotion is a little fast.\” Fang Yang just reached the empty and dark realm a month ago. Unexpectedly, after more than a month, he directly broke through the middle of the empty and dark realm. You know, after reaching the empty and dark realm, cultivation slows down, and it\’s not so easy to break through. The greatest hero among them is the pure Yang Bodhi. If it weren\’t for the rare treasure of heaven and earth, refining and strengthening cultivation For, coupled with the quenching effect of pure Yang Xuan Qi, Fang Yang didn\’t reach the middle level so soon. \”The so-called adventure is really very important.\” He sighed. After reaching the mid-term, Fang Yang\’s combat power increased greatly, which also made him more confident in the Chunyang Zhenzong line! After a night of hard cultivation, the pure Yang Xuanqi in Fang Yang\’s body became more mellow and thick. The next day, he came to the earth fire cave of miaohuofeng again. Zhang he had been waiting for him for a long time. Seeing Fang Yang\’s arrival, he sneered and took him to a Ding stove: \”This is your exclusive cauldron. I\’ll give you the pill and refining method. You must hand in ten fire body pills to me today. If you can\’t hand them in, Hei hei, you\’ll wait.\” With a gloomy smile on his face, he threw the two jade slips in front of Fang Yang. Fang Yang took them and looked at them. The Dan prescriptions and refining methods listed in them were correct, but how could it be understood in a few words? All Dan masters need hundreds of thousands of times to practice before they can refine real Dan It takes a lot of time and materials to make pills. Now he directly drags Fang Yang in front of the cauldron and lets him refine. It is absolutely impossible for him to succeed as an ordinary person. After all, there are too many aspects to cooperate in alchemy. Whether it is the quenching of materials, the mastery of heat, or the order of materials, it will have a great impact on the pills. Generally, it is in the alchemy room of miaohuofeng Disciples, they all have to fight for a few years, or even more than ten years, select the best ones with high comprehension, and then practice alchemy. Zhang he is going to catch up with the duck and put it on the shelf, which is obviously going to make it difficult for Fang Yang. Fang Yang didn\’t say a word, took the jade slips and said, \”if I succeed in refining.\” \”Success? Hey, boastful boy, only a guy like you who doesn\’t understand alchemy thinks alchemy is such a simple thing.\” Zhang He sneered. Fang Yang looked at him coldly: \”it\’s successful.\” Zhang he was angry and said in a deep voice: \”If you can succeed, you will certainly benefit. Chunyang Zhenzong has always attached great importance to the Dan master. If you successfully refine a fire body pill, you will be rewarded with 10 points of contribution. But if you fail, hey, the cost of one material is worth 50 points. If you fail twice, if you have no contribution points to deduct, you will be punished in jinghuoyan cave for one month!\” Fifty points of contribution? That\’s good. Fang Yang picks eyebrows. The contribution points in Chunyang Zhenzong are not easy to obtain. Fifty points of ordinary martial arts is enough to practice, and some advanced martial arts are worth only tens of thousands. As long as you refine two hundred pills, it\’s enough to exchange them. \”The fire in jinghuoyan cave is boiling, which is better than that in the earth fire. If you enter it with your cultivation, you will run out of Xuanqi and die in three days!\” Zhang Hesen said coldly, \”do you know you\’re afraid now?\” Fang Yang glanced at him, brushed his lips, didn\’t bother to answer, and walked to the Ding stove. The other party\’s indifferent attitude made Zhang he angry and gnash his teeth.

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