Exchange grain for food.

\”Exactly, pure Yang and Xuanqi are invincible to all poisons and evil. What can a little toxin do for me?\” Fang Yang shrugged. Pure Yang and Xuanqi are the most important thing to restrain Yin and evil. Although the poison on this big yellow flower Python has the characteristics of killing ordinary martial arts in the empty and dark environment, it is almost like scratching for Fang Yang. \”No! How can you be pure Yang Xuanqi! Isn\’t that the unique Xuanqi of pure Yang Zhenzong in Tiance mansion!\” the one eyed old woman screamed. Fang Yang smiled, \”unfortunately, I will.\” he stepped forward, the fireball in his palm condensed, and the Tianyang Fire Dance quickly circled out and rushed to the side of the big yellow flower python. \”The fire dance in the sky turns around.\” Fang Yang whispered. The fireball in his palm seemed to join the spirit. The explosion expanded and increased, and the flow of fire became more and more violent. Then he slapped it. After the Tianyang fire dance left his hand, he touched the big yellow flower python. A surging strong fire suddenly exploded, and the strong strength surged. The strong big yellow flower Python didn\’t even have a chance to dodge, and was swallowed up by the fire in an instant. \”My baby!\” cried the one eyed old woman. Under the explosion of Fang Yang\’s pure Yang Xuanqi, the python she had worked hard to raise for decades was torn open and destroyed by the pure Yang Xuanqi. The one eyed old woman stumbled to the body of rhubarb flower Python and sat down. She took up the charred body and looked at it. After she determined that the dead could not die again, she immediately cried. Tears rolled in her eyes and her face was miserable. Fang Yang frowned slightly. When he was about to leave, the old woman\’s head suddenly turned to this side. Fang Yang looked at it and felt that his back was cold and his hair stood up. Originally, the old woman was blind in her left eye and covered with a piece of black cloth. At this time, the black cloth was raised directly, and a silver snake with the thickness of little finger sprang out of it. The one eyed old woman raised the insects in her own body! \”You killed my big baby, I\’ll let the second baby swallow your head!\” the one eyed old woman screamed like a fierce ghost. The white shadow of the silver snake in the eye socket flashed and swished in front of Fang Yang. It was so fast that Fang Yang couldn\’t even react. When he noticed the silver snake approaching, Fang Yang was lucky with pure Yang Xuanqi. He wanted to expel the poisonous insects again by relying on the effect of pure Yang Xuanqi. But I didn\’t expect that this silver snake was very different. The pure Yang Xuanqi flowing from Fang Yang didn\’t stop its body shape. With a flash of white light, the silver snake broke through the pure Yang Xuanqi and came close to Fang Yang. The tiny snow-white body disappeared when it touched Fang Yang\’s skin. Fang Yang\’s body stiffened and stood in place. At this time, the old woman over there smiled angrily: \”Stop? You can\’t stop it! Gaga, the old yellow flower Python specializes in breaking the body of martial artists, and any contamination is either death or injury. The old silver thread snake is dedicated to dealing with the origin of the soul! Your pure Yang Xuanqi can break the old baby, can it also act on the origin of the soul? You\’re waiting to be swallowed up by the silver thread snake, and the old body will make you miserable!\” When the one eyed old woman roared, Fang Yang also noticed the change in the sea. With a flash of white light, the disappeared silver snake suddenly appeared in Fang Yang\’s sea of knowledge. His small body swam away for a while and ran to the location of Fang Yang\’s soul origin.

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