It\’s a relief to see someone finally come out.

What\’s the origin of the boy? The idea turned in his mind and then he threw it away. The reason why the black faced man came out to blackmail was that they were strangers, like they came to Wusha city for the first time. There were no rules in Wusha City, and it was easy to do things as long as they had fists, so he took two brothers and wanted to get a vote. There was something particular about getting a vote, if these two people really wanted to get a vote If you can take out 200000 yuan without changing your face, you must have rich wealth! At that time, the black faced man will not act rashly, but go to contact more people and kill the two people in one breath to reap benefits. Wusha city is such a city. You should always be wary of other people\’s calculations. Seeing Fang Yang\’s direct refusal, the black faced man flew into a rage and his eyes were full of tears He narrowed his eyes and glanced for a while. Suddenly, he grinned: \”don\’t pay.\” the black faced man turned and was about to leave, but he didn\’t step out yet. He suddenly turned back and ran out of his body: \”you two die here!\” He left first to show weakness, let people relax their vigilance, and then suddenly took action. This kind of attack and killing is almost invincible. The black faced man also has a clear target, Fang Yang. Although he has the right to speak, he should only be like a young master and son. His own strength is too weak. As long as he can subdue the boy in one breath, he is afraid that the guy next to him will resist him The plan was very good, but he didn\’t expect that Fang Yang was different from the general empty and dark world. When the black faced man suddenly shot, Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and realized at the first time how powerful his soul was. In addition, Fang Yang was wary of all things when he first entered the city of Wusha. As expected, it came true. The dark air in the palm of the black faced man surged into a dark palm , he grabbed Fang Yang\’s neck. Fang Yang sneered. When the dark palm was close to him, his body trembled slightly. With a bang, the pure Yang Xuan Qi burst out and directly shocked the palm into black ash. At the same time, Fang Yang\’s pure Yang Xuan Qi gathered in the palm and turned into a fist. The red fire divine fist! The fist strength turned into fire and collided with the black faced man\’s chest, which made his body look black A burst of collapse, the black faced man groaned, fell to the ground, and staggered for a long time before he stood up. \”You!\” He looked frightened. He never thought that the boy who seemed to be only in a state of concentration was so powerful! The previous fist hit him, making him feel hot on his chest, as if he had been poured with hot oil. When he looked down, his clothes were damaged and a red scar the size of a fist was burned on his chest. The red fire divine fist was a martial skill selected by Fang Yang when he controlled Jianhe mansion. Because His own martial arts skills are so eye-catching that almost all of them are symbolic moves, whether it\’s Yin FA or Wuxian sword. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he specially changed some attack methods this time. Red fire god fist It\’s one of the three martial arts he practiced. It uses pure Yang Xuanqi to assist fire power to hurt people. It\’s very powerful. It\’s also one of the top martial arts in the fire attribute Pavilion. In addition, there are two other martial arts, one is the formula of thunder fire sword, which is used by the imperial envoy to hurt the enemy with the sword blade, and the other is the step of burning fire , it\’s a martial arts of body method. It\’s like stepping on ashes and coming and going without a shadow. The black faced man didn\’t succeed in a sneak attack. Qin Chuan reacted and became angry immediately: \”bastard!\”

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