Besides, the favor of Li Siyu\’s brother-in-law can\’t be attributed to her, can it? After that, if there\’s anything wrong with people, what should I do.

Fang Yang closed his expression at the bottom of his eyes and frowned. The steward smiled and said gently, \”don\’t worry, our Qingyun chamber of commerce is still very fair in doing business. We calculate it one by one. Some other things are not under our jurisdiction.\” Fang Yang is noncommittal. He knows that the steward has recognized his identity. After all, his killing of Li Huoyang is not a secret. He can always guess it after a little speculation. Up to now, Fang Yang doesn\’t care much. Anyway, he will enter the mysterious world soon. At that time, he will act entirely on his strength. Instead of hiding and keeping this skill, he might as well change something that can increase his strength The great demon who strengthened his strength worked hard. Moreover, the steward was obviously a smart man. \”Wait a minute, I\’ll prepare it for you right away!\” the steward said respectfully, \”we also need to check the integrity of the jade slips.\” Fang Yang answered, and the steward hurriedly ran down. When he just breathed a sigh of relief, the voice in the distance also came. Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly and suddenly turned his head: \”it\’s Meng Qianxue\’s voice!\” chapter 152 asking for help. In the middle of the second floor of yufu, iron mountain held Meng Qianxue\’s bright wrist in the same hand and directly lifted her up. Zhang Meng shouted excitedly: \”Brother tie! Take off her clothes and let her make a fool of herself!\” Meng Qianxue\’s slap made her hold a grudge, but now she wants to treat her well. Tieshan smiles with Yin and doesn\’t say a word. She pulls at Meng Qianxue\’s clothes. Meng Qianxue panics on her cheek. As soon as she bites her teeth, the dark blue air around her body surges, turning into Dao limang and stabbing at Tieshan Tong\’s body. But Tieshan is strong and his bare muscles There was a layer of golden protective vigorous Qi all over the body. Limang puncture only heard the aggressive sound, but it couldn\’t cause him any damage. Her pretty face was gray and was greatly hit. The smile on the same face of iron mountain was even better. He could see that Meng Qianxue had no capital to resist. It just had to fall into his own hands and didn\’t do what he wanted with his own ideas? \”Ha ha, you still understand the truth. Don\’t worry. It\’s your advantage to follow me.\” tie Shantong\’s finger touched Meng Qianxue\’s clothes. When he was about to exert himself, one arm suddenly stretched out. PA!

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