The visitor asked Li Siyu impatiently.

But the next second, Fang Yang\’s face immediately changed. He attracted the iron box with Xuanqi, but the iron box didn\’t move. It can be seen how heavy the iron box is. At this point, Fang Yang walked over and grasped the iron box. Fang Yang\’s face sank. You know, Fang Yang now has the physical strength of Lingwu territory. However, it was extremely difficult to move the iron box. Fang Yang used his best to move only a trace of the iron box. The weight of the iron box can be imagined. But regardless of these, Fang Yang immediately planned to open the iron box. But at this time, \”boom.\” a surging force immediately shook out of the iron box. Fang Yang was unprepared. He was immediately shocked by the force on the iron box, and finally hit a big tree heavily. \”Bang.\” the big tree broke. Fang Yang leaned against the root of the tree with a trace of blood in his mouth. At this time, Fang Yang looked at the iron box in horror for a long time. I don\’t know how long it took. Fang Yang slowly said, \”there is a boundary!\” Chapter 51. At this time, Fang Yang, the ancestor of Duan family, frowned and looked at the iron box in front of him with deep pupils, I don\’t know what I\’m thinking. After a long time, Fang Yang slowly came to the iron box and pressed the iron box with one hand. Then a dark spirit rushed into the iron box. Fang Yang didn\’t dare to directly use the power of dark Qi to the maximum, but gradually tested the depth of the boundary. As time passed, after a while, Fang Yang took back his palm, looked at the iron box and said, \”the power of the barrier is so strong. Although I don\’t know who arranged it, I don\’t think Wu fan can break the barrier.\” of course, this is just Fang Yang\’s feeling. The master in the concentration period is already a party master, Although Fang Yang subdued Wu fan by means, Wu fan\’s strength is still far better than Fang Yang. If Fang Yang\’s estimation is good, the boundary should be arranged by the princess of Huoyu county. Then at least it\’s the boundary of the empty and dark realm. Once you think about it, Fang Yang is in some trouble. It\’s impossible to open the boundary of the empty and dark realm, and it\’s absolutely impossible to open it in the short term. \”I wasted so much effort to make such a thing.\” Fang Yang smiled bitterly, and Fang Yang was a little lost. Fang Yang has absolutely no ability to open the boundary of the empty and dark realm in a short time. Fang Yang doesn\’t know what treasures there are. In this case, Fang Yang always feels strange and itchy. \”Just, anyway, this thing came in vain.\” on second thought, Fang Yang comforted himself and smiled gently. After that, Fang Yang sorted out the things scattered on the ground. All the useless things like the spring palace map were thrown away, leaving only some valuable treasures. But when Fang Yang was cleaning up, suddenly a fine light flashed in his eyes, and his eyes fell on something again. \”Eh, why is there a stone here?\” Fang Yang said softly with a frown. When he saw it, there was a stone in the pile of things. The stone was not too big and dark. It didn\’t look like it had any collection value.

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