Li Siyu saw that the smile on her face was very real. It seemed that she was really welcome, so he followed her into the house.

The good luck before the robbery actually indicates that their natural disaster will be extremely difficult. Drink and peck. Things in the world will always form a wonderful balance. However, as long as they pass such a difficult natural disaster, there is no suspense about their flight, and even after they become immortals, they will never become mediocre. Jane Xi\’s demonic robbery is also thrilling, mostly in the previous life and this life on the earth. She reviewed her bitter b life in the previous life, her reluctance, reluctance and regret when she was dying. In the heart demon robbery, after her death, she didn\’t enter Jane Xi\’s body, but floated around her son and parents like a wronged soul. She didn\’t want to leave. She watched her body pushed into the red burning furnace and pushed it out again, which was a human shaped ashes. She also saw her former friends crying at their memorial service, holding their elderly parents and comforting them while crying. Her son stood there alone and let his father cangjun pick up his broken bone and put it in the small box in the four directions, and then put it in countless small boxes. In the box where the small box is placed, there are also photos of himself, She looked so young, as if she were in her twenties, smiling She closed the heavy door of the room, isolated all her family and friends, and her soul was also closed. It was so dark around that she knocked on the door desperately, but she could only hear their distant footsteps. No one came to see her again. She wanted to cry, but she couldn\’t cry or shout. She was like a nightmare. She stayed in the dark room. I don\’t know how long later, she saw the door open again. This time, someone sent in a small box. She saw a picture pasted in the small box. Why is she so familiar with it? At the age of twelve or thirteen, the young face is as beautiful as a flower, but the smile has been fixed at that moment. Why does the young woman crying next to the small box look so familiar and hurt her so much? Who is she? Why do the two haggard old people behind look so familiar? Who is this family? Why? The middle-aged man and two women in the back, old and young, with heavy makeup, corrected the two old people and pushed: \”you return my granddaughter\”, \”murderer, you return my niece, you two are old and immortal, forcing my flower niece to death and returning her life.\” \”Jane Xinyan, you must tell me today. When you divorced, you promised me to take good care of your daughter. Why? Why did such a thing happen today? How did you take care of her? You threw her away to your parents? Look, you give my daughter back.\” the middle-aged man said fiercely, It made the young woman\’s shoulders more cramped, and she was out of breath. The soul looked at the name on the small box: Mo Jianxi, Mo Jianxi, Mo Jianxi. She looked at the box with her own: Yuan Caiyi; Yuan Caiyi and Mo Jianxi, Yuan Caiyi and Mo Jianxi Over and over again, when she looked back, she saw that in the room where thousands of small boxes were placed, the tall old man holding the old lady had covered her chest and fell to the ground. The kind old lady and the young woman knelt on the ground and shouted desperately, \”Dongjian, Dongjian, old man\” \”Dad, wake up. It\’s not your fault. It\’s your daughter.\” She cried like blood. Even if she was a soul, she felt that her heart was so painful. It was the same as when she saw her parents and son crying before. But she watched the old man\’s breath disappear gradually. Then a wisp of transparent soul floated up. When she saw her, she was stunned and then looked at her body on the ground, And his heartbroken wife and daughter, his expression confused and helpless. Later, I don\’t know how long passed, all the people left. The old man was mo Jianxi\’s grandfather, but his soul didn\’t leave. He just stayed on the small box all day and looked at the photo until it disappeared completely. But a few days after he disappeared, the door opened again, but the Mo Jianxi\’s mother, but this time she even held two urn. This time, she saw the top, one was the grandfather\’s and the other was grandma\’s, and the young woman was no longer young. Her hair was half white and she looked haggard. This time, she took all the three caskets away. She wanted to chase them, but she was locked in the door again. Why did her heart hurt so much? Why? Mo Jianxi, Yuan Caiyi; Yuan Caiyi, Mo Jianxi; Mo Jianxi, Yuan Caiyi; Yuan Caiyi, Mo Jianxi; She\’s going out She\’s going to see her parents and son She\’s going out

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