Li Siyu no longer provoked and sat down honestly in his seat.

Yes! Although we are still far from that step, I think as long as we work hard, there will always be such a day. After all, we are still so young. shangguanbo also reflected at this time. His friend didn\’t want to indulge himself, so he replied. \”Yes, your qualifications are very excellent. As long as we work hard, we will.\” Jane Xi took a sip of spirit tea and replied with a smile. \”By the way, we\’re here to say something.\” shangguanbo also completely restored his previous wisdom and said to Jane Xi. \”What\’s the matter?\” Jane Xi guessed something vaguely, but she still opened her mouth and asked. \”We both found that Ziyuan was pestering you so much. It seems that her purpose is impure, but we don\’t know her specific purpose. Just be careful of her, especially to prevent her from making any moves in the dark. After all, it\’s easy to hide the open gun, but it\’s difficult to prevent the hidden sword?\” Shangguan Po was calm. Thinking of Ziyuan\’s performance just now, he didn\’t believe in the other 11 geniuses, I didn\’t find anything wrong, but no one wants to take care of such things. \”Well, I also found out, but she\’s too annoying, and she can act too well, and I can\’t see what she really wants to do,\” Jane Xi replied positively. This is what she always wondered about. She didn\’t recognize Ziyuan, which can be very certain. She didn\’t have any intersection with her. The only explanation is to plot against her. There must be someone else. She just doesn\’t know what kind of person she offended, what purpose Ziyuan did this, and what actions she will take next. The known is not terrible, the fear is the unknown, and the fear is the uncertainty of things. \”After you came in, the woman appeared again. I think she saw you enter my room.\” Jane Xi threw another bomb. \”What? You mean she\’s following us or staring at you in the dark?\” Yan Tao asked Jane Xi with staring eyes. \”I think so. There\’s no other reason to explain,\” replied Jane Xi, putting down her tea cup and spreading her hands. \”When I first saw this woman, I liked her and thought she was cute, but now it makes me feel cold?\” Yan Tao pretended to hug his shoulder. \”When you say that, I seem to have a little,\” shangguanbo nodded. \”Since I don\’t know what she\’s going to do, I can only look at it step by step. If I hadn\’t been entangled by her, I almost couldn\’t breathe. I can\’t dump her face in public today,\” Jane Xi said with a bitter smile. \”The entanglement skill is really frightening. If I am entangled by her, I can kill her in anger. However, even if zongmen doesn\’t care about my strength, I really can\’t do anything to her. She is the fifth and I am the sixth. Only she hurts me, but I can\’t do anything to get her.\” shangguanbo is also realistic. \”Fortunately, I\’m not pestered. If I\’m so pestered, I\’m afraid I\’ll suffocate to death,\” Yan Tao joked. \”Well, there\’s no private space,\” shangguanbo nodded. \”Well, let\’s not talk about her. Since we don\’t know her purpose for the time being, let\’s let it go. I won\’t let her be punished.\” Jane Xi drank all the remaining spirit tea in the cup and said firmly. \”Well, let\’s not talk about her. It\’s disappointing. Let\’s talk about something else. By the way, I heard that ten of our 15 people will be selected to enter the high-level mainland. In fact, these ten people are also selected and allocated talents by Xuantian sect of Tonghua mainland for the headquarters of the high-level mainland. Although the low-level mainland lacks cultivation resources, it doesn\’t mean there are no talents here, so they will be carried out every once in a while An assessment, so I was the last of the ten people. I was very, very lucky! \”Yan Tao talked about it with great interest and swept away the depression just now. Chapter 564 entering xuantianzong

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