Before, he always walked around after surpassing his ass. I didn\’t think he was such a person!

There were 266 people in total when we entered the secret place. 199 people were brought back by our daughter and 67 people were lost. long linger also put away his previous smile and replied solemnly. Jian Xi secretly stuck out her tongue in her heart. Among the 67 people, she killed about ten before and after. She just didn\’t know whether the xuantianzong disciples in front of the core bridge were arranged by Long Yun. \”Oh, this time a little more, a little unexpected\” Long Yun frowned. \”Dad, daughter, analyze the serious loss of the disciple this time, which may be related to the devil cultivation.\” at this time, their words had changed to voice transmission. They have also been shielded by a sound insulation prohibition. Jane didn\’t know what they were talking about, but as long as it wasn\’t her business, she wasn\’t interested in knowing. \”Magic repair? I heard that some magic repair got mixed up this time. Did\” Long Yun frown more tightly. \”Dad, my daughter was almost killed by the demon cultivation this time. Thanks to those thunderbolts you gave, otherwise it would be really hard to escape.\” long linger is still a little worried about the thrill at that time. \”What?\” Long Yun was not calm at this time. Unexpectedly, demon Xiu found his daughter? This demon cultivation is too rampant. Chapter 469 qijiekang Thank you for your valuable pink ticket of book friend 1302051655. At the end of the month, relatives will give you some strength. Please vote for Jane Xi Xiuxian \”Dad, don\’t be angry, and I heard that some demons have found Ruan Tiancheng of the emperor\’s heaven, but Ruan Tiancheng is also fine. It seems that he has some adventures, but my daughter guesses that he will have a certain relationship with Jian Xi around me, but this is what you thought just after you said her real accomplishments. Before, I wondered how Ruan Tiancheng and Jian Xi came together \”What about it?\” long linger said. \”Oh?\” long Yunyu just glanced at Jian Xi. Somehow, Jian Xi seemed to be aware of it, and also raised his eyes to meet the eyes of Long Yun. \”What a strong sense of soul. I can feel it at a glance. This girl is not simple!\” Long Yun said secretly in his heart. \”Ling\’er, get along well with your new friends. You don\’t have to take care of other things,\” Long Yun asked. \”OK, Dad, you don\’t believe linger\’s eyes, Dad.\” long linger coquettishly said. \”Believe, believe\” Long Yun\’s loving eyes stroked his daughter\’s hair. \”Ling\’er, what\’s the harvest in this secret place?\” a voice came from far to near. In the blink of an eye, people had stood in front of several people. \”Lord long, you\’re all right! Ling\’er has grown into a big girl now. It\’s really a change in her 18th year!\” another female voice also continued, with a beautiful and soft voice, mixed with such a subtle charm. Seeing a man and a woman flying in, Long Yun also waved away the ban and replied with a smile: \”it\’s Mrs. Qijie and childe Qijie! It\’s a pleasure to meet you. I don\’t know what brings you here?\” \”Ha ha, nice to meet you. This is not the day when the exit of fairy grass secret place is opened. Our demon sect also wants to buy some miraculous herbs on this opportunity. Welcome to our disciples who enter the secret place. Although they are less than you decent people, they are the medium strength of our demon sect! It\’s not important. You have to be serious, don\’t you? The dog also misses his spirit sister. So In order to follow, \”the woman looks only in her twenties, but she claims to be the son of a handsome boy next to her. At this time, she still smiles like a hundred flowers in full bloom.

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