Little sister-in-law, this is Li Chengyue swallowed her saliva before she finished her words.

Originally, the colorful light on the tall jade tablet, like the mercury in the thermometer, rises upward, high or low. When the stone tablet is also lit, it also has a clear grid, which can be easily interpreted by the elders on the stage. We also understand that this spiritual root test method is different from their previous methods. This test is much more accurate, It also gives people the most intuitive concept of their spiritual roots. At the same time, there are still far differences between the friars of two or more spiritual roots. This is also an important indicator for those sects to choose disciples. One after another friars from the earth came to the stage, reported their names and ages, and then tested. Whenever the disciple\’s surname was the same as that of the family under the stage, the people of the family were excited and silently counted the number and characteristics of the people with the same surname. \”Yuan Linzhi, aged 16, has cultivated nine layers of refining Qi, which is only the root of fire spirit and nine layers of fire.\” \”Huo Qingling, aged 17, has six layers of cultivation for Qi refining, water and fire double spiritual roots, water seven and fire seven.\” \”Jian Xinyan, aged 43, reached the peak in the middle of building the foundation. She is a water spirit root and water 96.\” \”Jian Dongjian, aged 68, has three spiritual roots of gold, earth and fire, eight of gold, three of earth and one of fire in the early stage of foundation construction.\” \”Fang Ruoyu, 66 years old, was at the early stage of building the foundation, with water and wood double spiritual roots, water eight and wood eight\” \”Yuan xiongliang, aged 69, reached the peak in the early stage of building the foundation, with golden fire double spiritual roots, golden nine and fire eight\” \”Jiang Xiuzhen, aged 69, reached the peak in the early stage of building the foundation, with water, wood and earth three Linggen, water five, wood nine and earth seven\” \”Cang Xinyu, 20 years old, built the foundation in a round period, with ice and gold double spiritual roots, of which ice is the different spiritual root, ice ten and gold one\” Whenever there is a single spiritual root, the monks on both sides of the stage and the people of the family under the stage. They would be very surprised. They didn\’t expect that these friars from Shenzhou had such good talents. There have been 11 single spiritual roots among the people who have been tested, and there have been strange spiritual roots for the first time. That is, Cang Xinyu\’s ice strange spirit root is quite rare. What surprised them is that his ice strange spirit root is still exceptionally excellent, reaching ten. This is an excellent spirit root rarely seen in thousands of years, although he is a double spirit root. It is not a single ghost root, but there is only one, which can be almost ignored. He can almost be called infinitely close to the single ghost root, which makes 20 pairs of eyes on 20 seats on the stage stare at Cang Xinyu, which is a little hot. But the next test. They were shocked and numb. \”Wang Xinwei, aged 20, has cultivated nine layers of Qi refining, two spiritual roots of gold and earth, eight of gold and seven of earth.\” \”Qu Ruo male, 20 years old, has achieved seven levels of Qi refining, water, wood and earth three Linggen, water eight, wood six and earth one\” \”Yu Muyang, 28 years old, has completed the foundation period, and the wind is a single spirit root, and the wind is 97\” \”Ah – another strange spirit root, or a single spirit root. Although it has not reached 10, it is also quite excellent in 1997. Besides, he is still a rare single spirit root. There are too many good seedlings this time.\” \”Yes! I don\’t know his surname is Yu. Is he from the Yu family?\” \”It\’s estimated that only the descendants of people with spiritual roots have a high probability of having spiritual roots. It seems that the Yu family will be very happy this time.\” \”Hey, why don\’t we have anyone in our heavenly family?\”

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