Now he is obedient when he sees his sister-in-law. I\’m afraid she will settle accounts in the autumn.

In fact, these are just excuses. I have time to have dinner with my friends. Why don\’t I want to go and see him and care about his study? In fact, no wonder the child looks at me wrong today. Where can I blame him? He is understanding me, but I don\’t think about it for him. cangjun sighed again. \”You said that. Did my child and I drag you down?\” Guan Fei involuntarily put herself in. \”I said I shouldn\’t go to your former father-in-law\’s house today. Your son doesn\’t look at me right. Maybe he\’s unhappy because of my arrival? What do you call to do? Take me and hold our children to see your former father-in-law. People have more stomach?\” Guan Fei said in broken pieces, Holding a small toy in his hand, he swayed in front of xiaocang Xinheng. \”How long has it been? The two old people are not what you said. Judging from their state, they should have been separated from that matter long ago.\” Cang Jun defended himself. \”However, I said, their community is really good, and the villa is good enough. There are only three people living in an area of nearly 300 square meters. How much area has been wasted! There are gardens and garages in the front and back. Do you think if we have such a villa, can we let the children play in our courtyard when the weather is good? Let the children run and play in it at will?\” Guan Fei couldn\’t help thinking of the appearance of Xinyu\’s villa in her mind. The fresh air was in a mess. She was askew in her heart and said it in her mouth. \”I said, our house is not big enough for you to live in? Even so, Xinyu bought the house, garage and car. My father can\’t help him. Do you miss someone else\’s villa again?\” cangjun said with some annoyance. \”When did I miss someone else\’s villa? I just want to imagine it. I don\’t want people to think about it. You\’re too overbearing.\” Guan Fei\’s tone was a little higher, but he scared Xiao Cang Xinheng, who was lying and playing well, and burst into tears, interrupting the meaningless quarrel between the couple. Cang Jun turned over impatiently and ignored Guan Fei. He closed his eyes and took a nap. Everything was in a mess in his head. Since he got married, Xinyu paid off all his mortgage and bought him a garage and range rover, he has really enjoyed a good time. He drives better than the leaders of his unit, and those relatives at home are very jealous, Let his little vanity get great satisfaction. But on the other hand, he was ashamed to death. His father had failed in every way. He had no money. He had done so badly in other aspects. How could he afford the dead Caiyi? When he thought of Yuan Caiyi, cangjun secretly said \”I\’m sorry\” and \”Caiyi, I\’m sorry\” to the woman who had lived with him for more than ten years, I didn\’t do what you told me, but since I know I was wrong, I will try my best to do it from now on. I\’m sorry. \’cangjun fell asleep unconsciously. Guan Fei looked at Cang Jun, who frowned tightly, and coaxed her son to sleep. In fact, the reason why Cang Jun cared less and less about Xin Yu over the past year was also related to her. She was trying to weaken Xin Yu\’s sense of existence. She even never mentioned Xin Yu and anything about his ex-wife in front of him, even a word, But let himself and the child in his belly gradually occupy all of his life and have no mind to think about anything else. She knows that she married a man with a marriage history, so she must face the problem of the proportion of his ex-wife and ex-wife\’s children in his heart. Any woman wants herself and her children to be the whole of that man, and Guan Fei is no exception. She didn\’t say that there was nothing bad about his ex-wife and son, but she didn\’t say anything good. She just didn\’t mention it, which made them weaken unconsciously in his life. If it weren\’t for the Spring Festival, cangjun thought of going to pay New Year\’s greetings to Yuan\’s father and mother every year, Guan Fei would find some reasons to occupy his day and don\’t let him think more. However, it may be that Cang Jun\’s habit of more than ten years is difficult to break, and she didn\’t stop it when she asked her to follow, and she also wanted to watch Cang Jun on the side, so she didn\’t refuse. She knows that she can\’t forcibly stop it, and can only subtly let him dilute it. Otherwise, it\’s easy for Cang Jun to resent himself. It\’s undeniable, Guan Fei is a very clever woman, and she almost succeeded. But today, Cang Jun fell short of success. Cang Jun woke up to his estrangement and indifference to his son Xinyu for so long. He was blaming himself. She wanted to change the topic, but she was as smart as her, but she foolishly raised such a topic for the first time, which made Cang Jun a little unhappy. Guan Fei looked at Cang Jun who was sleeping soundly, and her eyes were a little unclear. After this Spring Festival, a brown Range Rover often appears at the gate of a lieutenant colonel who has started school. If it is at noon or around 11 o\’clock at night. Sometimes Cang Jun would drive his car to pick up Xinyu at noon and eat near the school. Sometimes he came to pick up Xinyu at about 11 p.m. and a considerable part of his behavior did not tell Guan Fei that he was not a fool. Now he had guessed Guan Fei\’s careful thoughts, but he also understood why Guan Fei was like this, so there was no need for quarrels and misunderstandings, If you can avoid it. It seems that the problems that every remarried couple will have also occurred between them, and Xinyu is still very happy to see his father often. He knows that Jian Xi is learning to refine pills. When he can refine Tianxiang fruit into a elixir, he will give his father a pill at that time, which will make his psychology feel better. In the season of warm flowers in spring, the spring breeze has blown green grass and trees. More and more light green quietly appears in people\’s sight. When heavy clothes are taken off, more and more graceful figures no longer hide in cars and rooms, but appear in the streets. It is a pleasant scenery. However, in the beautiful campus of No. 1 middle school, which is also decorated with light green, the students in grade three of senior high school are not in the mood to enjoy the spring scenery outside. They are buried in hard study and sharpening their knives for the upcoming college entrance examination, which has entered the countdown. The atmosphere here is depressing and tense. Every student has tightened the spring. It seems that the string will break at any time. At this time, there is a news that can relieve the pressure of these senior three students a little, that is, the \”adult ceremony\” a month later.

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