Is that you, little sister?

Every day, the mail room at the gate can receive many letters, postcards and various small gifts sent to Xinyu from various places. Xinyu refused at first, but the mail room disagreed. There was no way. A large number of letters and postcards were put into a dustbin in the school, and the small gifts were also given to the female students of their class and Hongzhi class 1, Although we can\’t get too close to Xinyu, we have gifts every few days. Although we don\’t buy them specifically, who doesn\’t want them in vain? Hongzhi class 1 is also taken care of because of Jian Xi, Ruo Nan and Xin Wei. It is also an unexpected joy to the girls in class 1. Xinyu\’s popularity index is rising in Hongzhi classes 1 and 2, including boys, because boys are also given gifts. Those cute dolls were given to girls, and some suitable for boys were given to boys. The students of the two classes were happy and said to the outside world: Hello, Hongzhi class! The team without teachers is the best in the whole school, and there are often gifts to take. If such a good class doesn\’t study hard and is thrown out, it will be gone. Therefore, the learning atmosphere of Hongzhi class 1 and class 2 is more intense. In the next semester\’s examination, there are few people who will be surpassed, from senior 1 to senior 3, which can\’t exceed five together, The results are always at the top of the whole school year, which makes other students hate and have no way. However, all the teachers in the two classes did not expect that there was such a factor that mobilized these 100 people to study actively, which made them both happy and want to laugh bitterly. However, anyway, the enrollment rate and the college entrance examination results are the final result and the top priority. If they have been learning senior three with such strength, it is possible to create another brilliance in one middle school, It\’s unknown whether they will reach a new high. They are also happy to see its success. At that time, as long as the results go up, the more students enter the famous universities, the higher the scores of the college entrance examination, and the richer the rewards left to them. Which teacher will refuse such a change? Not only the teachers will not refuse, but the school is also looking forward to it. Although it gives them a headache to believe those fans, they can accept it as long as they don\’t cause trouble. Xinyu doesn\’t care much about the teachers\’ ideas and the changes in his class. Now he hates the guy who transmits the video. If it wasn\’t for him, how could he be so upset every day. Finally, he secretly found the school to express his ideas. The academic affairs office did not expect that Cang Xinyu would come up with this method. This method is unprecedented in No. 1 middle school, and it is estimated that there will be no more comers. This method is: after the evening class at 9:30 every day, Xin Yu will \”join hands\” with Jian Xi, Ruo Nan and Xin Wei. They will come out around 9:20 And climb over a wall in the corner of the campus, To avoid the girls blocking the school gate, it is estimated that those girls are not fuel-efficient lights, otherwise it is so late, how can normal families rest assured that they don\’t go home after school? This condition also rescued Jian Xi, Ruo Nan and Xin Wei, because they went together. Although the academic affairs office thought Xinyu\’s idea was a little whimsical, it was really annoying to see the chaos at the school gate every day, so it promised for the first time. The campus of No. 1 middle school is the largest for all high schools in the city. All the facilities and environment are also the best in the city. There are trees and pavilions in the school. In this way, some places will be very remote in the evening, and few people will set foot in it, and all the students in the school sit in the classroom. So at 9:20 every day, Xin Yu and Jian Xi put their schoolbags on their backs and sneaked out of the back door of the teaching building. They slipped along the dark place at the root of the wall to a corner of the campus where people were rarely seen at night. Looking at the courtyard wall more than two meters high, Ruo Nan and Xin Wei were depressed: so high! Chapter 103 Jia family after Myanmar incident However, Xinyu only trotted a few steps, and his feet still maintained a running posture. However, his feet had reached the wall from the ground. After a few steps, he turned over the wall and squatted at the top of the wall. Instead of \”waiting for red apricots\”, he stretched out his arm downward to pick up Xin Wei and Ruo Nan. Xin Wei took Xinyu\’s hand and his fat body had taken off before he could react, Xin Wei, who almost cried out, has been pulled to the wall by Xin Yu. Steady, Xin Wei returns to his senses. His legs tremble. He tries to hold the wall so that he won\’t fall down again. If the man stood there, he had already been dazzled by Xinyu\’s natural and unrestrained posture. He was pushed by Jane Xi, and then he returned to his soul. He came forward and stretched out his small hand, and suddenly felt that she was held by the dry and warm big hand. Her cheeks were feverish and her pink face turned red. At first glance, when the spring heart rippled, her body was already empty, and in the twinkling of an eye, she was held on the wall, and suddenly did not adapt to this height, His body shook involuntarily and was stabilized by Xin Yu. Then Jian Xi also flew lightly onto the wall. His posture was a little softer than that of Xin Yu. He looked straight into Ruo Nan\’s and Xin Wei\’s eyes. Jian Xi held Ruo Nan. Xin Yu had already held Xin Wei\’s big waist and jumped off the other side of the wall easily. There was no sound at all. Xin Wei felt like flying through the clouds, Standing there in a daze. Jian Xi also jumped down lightly with Ruo Nan in her arms, and fell silent. Ruo Nan looked dull from leaving Xin Yu\’s generous arms until he fell to the ground. Jian Xi patted Ruo Nan\’s expression on his face and called her back. Xin Wei was also under Xin Yu\’s feet and covered his ass. they immediately followed the plan discussed before, Ran to an Audi parked under a nearby tree. It was picked up by Xinwei\’s bodyguard. After that, several people went home from school like thieves. Ruo Nan and Xin Wei gradually adapted to jumping up and down every day, and they were grinding them to learn martial arts. They were sent away in a few words every time. No way, they don\’t have any spare time to learn now. All their time is occupied by learning. Such an answer makes them speechless, because it\’s a fact. The fans returned disappointed every day and didn\’t understand the reason. They caught the students of No. 1 middle school to ask, but the students of Hongzhi classes 1 and 2 were \”bribed\”. Everyone was silent and didn\’t know when they asked. Disappointed and helpless, these girls persisted for a long time. The number of people gradually decreased, and the school was relieved. At the same time, it was also curious that several children could easily climb over such a high courtyard wall. The director of the teaching office had personally confirmed how the four people climbed over the wall. After seeing several people\’s skills like martial arts movies, I can\’t help admiring these children\’s \”freak\” physique. You know, most students who study well almost sacrifice their physical health in order to maintain their grades! The teaching director shook his head and walked slowly near the school gate again. Waiting for the bell to ring after class and observing the future elites who may work in various posts in several years. While they are busy practicing, studying and dealing with those crazy girl fans, the information of Xin Yu including Jian Xi has been placed at someone\’s desk. Including the video of that morning exercise on the Internet. Jia Ning, the only legitimate descendant of the Jia family, is one of the few big drug lords on the border. Although he is only 25 years old, he has been on the road since he was 16. Martial arts talent is average. I barely entered the second floor the day after tomorrow at the age of 25. However, he is cruel and ruthless, works with great results, and has a very flexible mind. The inside story about Liu Peisheng\’s trading in Ruili is the information he heard, reported to the family, and almost succeeded. In the early morning of that day, when he led his men to pick up people in the gorgeous village half an hour ahead of the agreed time, he was horrified to find that the village was like a dead village without a trace of living people. He took people around a small village and found no living people, but he also found clues that Jia Feng, Jia Yun and his men once existed, It proved that they did not go wrong, but all the more than 20 living people disappeared. Even the bodies of the slaughtered people in the village were missing, which shocked him inexplicably. However, no matter how to contact Jia Feng and Jia Yun, they could not be contacted. Finally, there was no way to withdraw, but Ruili sent a large number of people to investigate the case, and really found out that the people of several other guwu families except Liu Peisheng, the Liu family, and the people of every family in this area were suspected. So the Jia family launched a crazy investigation and evidence collection, not just the treasure, It is also the disappearance of Jia Feng and Jia Yun, the most important geniuses of the Jia family besides Jia Lei.

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