Out of space, Li Siyu took out some big white rabbit milk candy from his cotton pants pocket and ate it cheaply.

Okay, you can practice hard. Recently, the four imperial palaces have been active. Obviously, we have found traces of us, and the ancient body has been born. The emperor has issued an order to win the ancient body anyway. The body fell into the hands of the human race. But this ancient body didn\’t know where it was going… The red horned demon sighed helplessly, and was about to turn around and leave. Suddenly, his footsteps were certain, and the other two big monsters also stopped.Seeing the red horned demon stopped, Sen Luo\’s heart twitched suddenly.Suddenly, the red horned demon turned his head, staring at the bottom of Sen Luo, and then grabbed it fiercely, \”Bold guy, dare to hide in the demon\’s lair, get out of me.\”boom……The demon pool exploded, and Shanghai blasted out with a punch.The terrifying demon power immediately shook Shanghai out, and dense cracks appeared in the body, and it was able to stop until it retreated to ten thousand feet away.I didn\’t die… The red horned demon looked at Shanghai unexpectedly. The power of his grasp was enough to kill anyone. The eighth-level Human Race powerhouse in front of him was not shattered, his body just appeared. It\’s just a few tiny cracks.Sen Luo came out, at the moment he was standing in the center.This red horned demon doesn\’t know that you have regained consciousness, and shot at me. Shanghai Transmit said. The strength of this red-horned demon is extremely terrifying, if it hadn\’t been for the ancient demon\’s mystery to urge the realm to the peak of the Eighth World Sovereign, coupled with the restraint of the original power, it would really be impossible to stop this casual grasp.Upon hearing this, Sen Luo immediately reacted, glaring at Shanghai, \”Bold guy, how dare you try to assassinate me and die for me.\” The talk has already started, and the three pairs of fleshy wings spread out, vast. The power of demons surged out.Fortune telling you big.A black stream of light emerged from Shanghai, and it collided with Sen Luo in an instant. The power of the ancient demons and the demons continued to collide, and the two were actually comparable.Ancient Demon…The red horned demon recognized Shanghai, and the eyes became more brutal, but he did not take action, but watched Shanghai fight against Sun Luo. The reason why he didn\’t intervene was to see how far Senluo had improved. At the same time, such an opponent was quite rare, and for Senluo, it was an excellent opportunity for experience.The Red Horned Demon was not worried that Shanghai would escape. When he discovered Shanghai, he had already issued an order to seal off the entire lair. Shanghai was absolutely impossible to escape.Shanghai, you have to catch me later, Sen Luo said.Grabbed by you?Bloodhorn has sealed the lair, and no one can get out. Even if you and I join forces, it will be difficult to break it. So you have to be caught by me. The monsters have rules, and the captured prisoners are handled by the monsters themselves, and the rest No one can interfere, that is to say, if you are caught by me, I can deal with you, but the red horned demon cannot interfere with my decision. Sen Luo said.It turned out to be so, I understand. Shanghai nodded and cooperated with Sen Luo on the spot. In order to avoid being seen through by the red horned demon, the two of them almost used their full strength, which is equivalent to fighting life and death, but Shanghai is still a little bit. Converged strength.After fighting for a while, Shanghai made a desperate blow.

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