They talked and talked until the bell of Qingyue rang——

Aren\’t the four imperial palaces afraid that even you will perish? Shanghai said in a deep voice.Fear? Zihu smiled, and said: \”At that time, all the high-level and powerful people in the four imperial palaces will enter the fairyland. What does the life and death of the rest of the forces have to do with them? Naturally, the life and death of our You can control yourself, enter the fairyland or die… Even if it survives, when the four imperial palaces will return, who can resist the rest?\”Chapter 1537The mood in Shanghai was ups and downs, and I didn\’t expect that the ancient wild patterns I refined for the four imperial palaces might cause disasters.Of course, he did not blame himself too much. Even if he did not refine it, the four imperial palaces would try their best to refine. A high-level barren pattern master, but the price will be greater.In other words, the four imperial palaces have all the inheritance of the gods, and it will be sooner or later that the fairyland will be opened. It is just that the refining in Shanghai speeds up the process. In other words, whether or not the refining in Shanghai is refined, the fairyland will be opened sooner or later. of.You come to me and let me refine a set of ancient wild patterns. Is it for your personal use? Or… Shanghai stared at the purple fox and did not continue.You are very smart, but you can\’t hide it from you. It is indeed not for my personal use, but for another secret Primordial power. As for which one, you don\’t need to know, as long as you know, I won\’t harm you. You are alone. Power cannot stop the four imperial palaces, so it\’s better to let us handle it.Zihu smiled and said: \”But you don\’t need to worry. The four imperial palaces are just the beginning. It will take about a hundred years to open those divine emperor inheritance places not so soon, plus the collection of divine emperor inheritance and selection inheritance. It will take three to four hundred years, and the preparation for opening the fairyland also takes seven to eight hundred years.\”Seven or eight hundred years…It looks very long, but for cultivators, it is very short. The last retreat in Shanghai took a hundred years, and the retreat was at most seven or eight times before it would be there.Since it\’s not you, it\’s simple, the same ten sets of refining materials, I will refine one set for you in twenty years. Shanghai said.As for which power the purple fox belongs to, he did not ask. Anyway, the muddy the water, the better. It is good for both himself and the purple fox. Of course, the purple fox thinks the same way, he can see. Come out.I haven\’t seen you in just over two hundred years, little man, your growth is much more terrifying than I expected… There was a slight strangeness in the purple fox\’s expression. Shanghai could see through her thoughts, and she could see through as well. The two ideas in Shanghai coincided with each other. It was hard to stop anyway. Why not make the water more muddy? Only in this way can we fish in muddy waters.How can Yuyao be with you? Shanghai asked curiously.She? I thought you would only remember Mu Ningxue. Don\’t worry, she is also very good. After you successfully refine and deliver that set of ancient wild patterns, they will come back after a while. Zihu said: \” Okay, the hour is too early, I should leave, otherwise…As for the materials you want, they are already ready, and the refining materials are here.\”otherwise……Shanghai was keenly aware that the purple fox\’s pair of purple eyes flashed with an unspeakable faint, and they disappeared completely after only maintaining it for a moment.At this time, Zihu had already taken out a Qiankun bracelet. Before Shanghai could speak, the shadow had disappeared.Little man, the end of the era has come. It is not something you and I can stop. The only thing that can be done is to comply. I hope you can live well… The purple fox\’s voice came, but the person was nowhere to be seen.

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