Jian Xi, look at this cloud treading beast. She hasn\’t seen it, but it\’s rare. There are not so many cloud treading beasts in other immortal cities. It seems that the price of this cloud treading beast is not low and it\’s not very easy to buy. Therefore, it\’s not popular in other immortal cities. It\’s generally in the hands of some forces, but in Tonghua city, Actually, it\’s just used to pull feet. Jane Xi feels that she finally has the feeling of rural people entering the city this time. It\’s really like a steamed stuffed bun.

Shanghai opened his eyes, the pain in the head had been reduced to a level that he could bear, and he was able to think a little bit.Why did I come here? Where is this? Father? Shanghai looked around and found that apart from these 27 ancient altars, the rest of the place was nothingness. How could I suddenly run into it? Come?Where did the father go?As soon as he thought of this, Shanghai became more worried. He vaguely remembered that he had fallen into the hands of the leader of the Scarlet Moon. Then the spirit of the leader of the Scarlet Moon rushed into the depths of his own sea of ​​consciousness, and then his consciousness disappeared. He didn\’t know what happened after that.Now Shanghai is very worried about the safety of his father\’s spirit generals, because at that time the leader of the scarlet moon was about to obtain the main imperial weapon halberd.Is it over? And he was arrested by the leader of Scarlet Moon, and then trapped here?Shanghai\’s heart suddenly shuddered. If that\’s the case, wouldn\’t his father…no, his father possesses the power comparable to a quasi-divine emperor, and he won\’t die so easily. He must still be alive, just leave temporarily… …Shanghai comforts itself.wrong!If you were imprisoned by the leader of the Scarlet Moon, how could you be trapped by the shield formed by the extremely ice emperor pattern? The leader of the Scarlet Moon is only the quasi-divine emperor, and he can\’t control the extremely ice emperor pattern, which means that he is not imprisoned, but something may have happened, so that he has accidentally fallen into it.Twenty-six altars…This is the middle palace, you actually ran to the middle palace… these are the relics left by those god emperors. Qi Ling suddenly said with excitement. It had been blocked by inexplicable power before, and it was completely unaware of the outside world. It didn\’t recover until Shanghai woke up.The things left by the emperor… Shanghai scanned the surroundings.Chapter 1489The twenty-six altars are all the treasures of the starry sky, and there are several imperial artifacts. Those who can leave these things must be the god emperor.How many god emperors left their treasures in this altar? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.I don\’t know, there are probably eight or nine people.Why do these god emperors leave the treasures they carry here? Shanghai wondered. Obviously, those god emperors didn\’t have anything to do when they were full. They came to leave behind the treasures they carried. Maybe it was because of something. Do.As for this ancient altar, Shanghai doesn\’t see any use at all.As far as I know, it\’s because of a secret thing in the legend. Qi Ling said.The secret thing in the legend? Shanghai was startled.

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