She had seen Dan Shigong Association in her wandering all day. At that time, she was still thinking that there was a branch of Dan Shigong association here, but there was nothing wrong. She didn\’t plan to go in for anything. Just now, she seriously injured the young leader of Qingcheng. Only there in Qingcheng should be able to save herself.

Brother Hao.There was a light voice, and there was anxiety in the tone, only Mu Ningxue and Bi Yuelan two women quickly rushed, these two goddesses showed a trace of panic and anxiety.Why are you here? Shanghai noticed the two goddesses, and couldn\’t help but quickly asked, \”Did something happen?\”Big Brother Leng is gone, Bi Yuelan said.Big Brother Leng is gone?Shanghai was startled, \”What the hell is going on? How did Brother Leng disappear? He was not in the hall?\”That\’s it. Yesterday, Senior Liao sent some good wine. You said that Brother Leng likes to drink it, so I sent it to Sister Ningxue. Didn\’t you know that I didn\’t find Brother Leng who thought he had gone to some place to cultivate? , Or entered the secret realm, I didn\’t care at that time. Bi Yuelan said with a guilty expression on her face.and after?Before, I suddenly remembered a very important thing that I had overlooked, that is, Brother Leng\’s realm has fallen to the holy master level, and he is injured. Even if I cultivate, I can\’t enter the lowest level of mystery. Immediately transmitted the voice to Brother Leng, but did not see him reply. Sister Ningxue and I searched the entire hall, but did not find the whereabouts of Brother Leng… The more Bi Yuelan said, the more guilty he even returned. Full of self-blame.Hearing this, Shanghai\’s face suddenly changed.Others don’t understand Leng Yihang’s character, but he understands it. Although Leng Yihang looks quite lonely on the surface, it is only aimed at outsiders. If it is to make friends with heart, he will be extremely enthusiastic, according to Shanghai’s comment on Leng Yihang. Understand that he will never leave for no reason.not to mention……Leng Yihang has no reason to leave for the time being. After all, in this Divine Alliance, but there is another part of the Deity Destruction Inheritance. Without the Demise Deity Inheritance, Leng Yihang will not leave.Inheritance of Despair…Thinking of this, Shanghai\’s heart suddenly slammed, and his face suddenly became difficult to look. Will Leng Yihang really desperately to grab another part of the God of Destruction Inheritance? Together with this thought, it burned and became more and more prosperous.Since coming to the League of Gods, Shanghai and others have been treated unfairly. Although this is not specifically for them, but for the Six Profound Gods, they are still people on the side of the Six Profound Gods, Shanghai. The bottom of my heart was quite irritated, but I knew what was at stake, so I didn\’t make any radical moves.Although Leng Yihang didn\’t say anything at the time, Shanghai could feel that Leng Yihang was extremely angry, but he suppressed it.Perceiving Shanghai\’s look, Lan Xinhui\’s qualitative Mu Ningxue immediately realized something, and her pretty face changed slightly: \”Brother Hao, you are not worried that Brother Leng is about to take the remaining inheritance of the god of destruction, right?\”Screw Destruction God\’s Inheritance…Bi Yuelan\’s expression also changed. If this were the case, things would really become a big deal. I\’m afraid that even the Six Profound God Venerable might not be able to keep Leng Yihang. She spent three months in the Fallen God League. Has a general understanding of the Perish League.

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