Qijieshu\’s face is full of \”adultery\” evil. \”Interesting, interesting, uncle Zhou, someone is not afraid of you. I just think it\’s fun in this heaven and earth house. Since an interesting woman likes it, I\’ll give it to her. However, uncle Zhou, please pay attention to it for me. I\’ll see who she is and how dare she is.\”.

The sound transmission stone suddenly burst and turned into fly ash. Only then did Shanghai notice that the sound transmission stone was shattered when the purple fox took away the inheritance of the five god emperors, obviously to remove all traces.True Tiangang is already an ancient demon comparable to a god emperor. Even if the purple fox is going now, he is not an opponent. With the character of the purple fox, he must find a way to absorb the inheritance power of the five god emperors… and this time, it should not be. It\’s too short, and now I can\’t find the purple fox, even if she knows her whereabouts, she won\’t see herself… Shanghai thought deeply.If you want to meet the purple fox, the only way is to find the real Tiangang.However, Shanghai doesn\’t know where the real person Tiangang is. It\’s hard to find him just by a single person… Now that the middle level of God\’s Domain is so chaotic, I\’m afraid it\’s hard to find the real person Tiangang.Unless… Let the Four Emperor Palaces help… Shanghai Xin said.Thinking of this, Shanghai disappeared in place. Instead of returning to Lingshen Island, he went to the next place where the god emperor inherited….The quasi-God Emperor You Sheng of the Four Great Emperor Palaces is leading a group of powerful people to open the place of the God Emperor inheritance of the Haotian Mountain Range. This is the sixth place of inheritance. The previous five places have been ascended first. The news from the Great Palace was made by the couple before.You Sheng\’s face grew heavy, and five successive inheritances were seized. This is tantamount to delaying the process of opening the fairyland in the four imperial palaces. For the elderly surnamed You, opening the fairyland not only means being able to obtain fairy fate, if it is a chance, maybe Will use this to break through to the level of the god emperor.Although You Sheng is a quasi-divine emperor, he has lived for 900,000 years, with a lifespan of about 30,000 to 40,000 years at most. This lifespan may be very long for the general strong, but for him In terms of it, it\’s just a matter of seconds.After staying at the quasi-divine emperor level for more than 800,000 years, he has not made any progress. You Sheng knew that if he had no great opportunity in this life, he would basically be unable to go further, but he was very unwilling, very unwilling, but this What can be done, there is no chance.However, now the opportunity has finally come.The fairyland is about to open. Although it will cause dramatic changes in the world and the extinction of many creatures in the spirit and gods, does it have anything to do with him? Except for his most important, other people are dead and alive, You Sheng will naturally not care about it, and since becoming a quasi-divine emperor until now, he has killed more than a million people.Therefore, the remaining inheritance must be obtained, otherwise the opening of the fairyland will be indefinitely.suddenly!The void suddenly sank and shattered with a crash, and a figure shuttled out of the void and fell towards the land of the god emperor\’s inheritance.Seeing this figure, You Sheng was startled, his face was green and white.Asshole, do you really think that the emperor is good for bullying? You Sheng was furious, and he raised his head immediately, his mouth hesitated, and the immense power rushed from his body to his mouth, and quickly gathered above it. This is what he cultivated. The terrible ancient secret method is called Yiguoqi.This stale breath is not just a mouthful, but a condensed from Yousheng’s 900,000 years of power. The power is extremely terrifying, but there is a shortcoming, which is that you use a little less, so when it is not a last resort, he is It won\’t be used.In the past years, with this suffocation alone, You Sheng severely injured a quasi-god emperor.

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