The assessment location of level 3 alchemists is no longer the same as that of level 2. They are conducted in the whole hall, and the area is not so large. Level 3 and level 4 are separated, and each has its own position. On weekdays, these three floors and above are rarely used. Very few alchemists come here to assess level 3 and level 4.

Immediately, Shanghai turned his gaze back. He wouldn\’t think too much about things he didn\’t understand anyway. As for what the gods of the Primordial Era did not have much to do with him, what he was thinking about now was how to get to the inner layer. The four imperial palaces and the Primordial Strong may have already stepped into the inner layer at this moment.As for Biyuelan, Shanghai is not very worried. Although it may not be able to fight the four imperial palaces, self-protection should not be a big problem.Although Liuxuan Shenzun had something wrong with Shanghai, he loved Bi Yuelan the most. When he came, he even took out a treasure for Bi Yuelan that had been condensed for more than 600 thousand years. It can even resist the full blow of the powerhouse of the gods.With such a treasure, Bi Yuelan was enough to protect herself.After walking around in the ancient temple, Shanghai did not find anything. The heritage of the ancient god emperor was too strong to suppress his spirituality and perception, and he could only rely on his own vision.At this time!There was a moment of movement.somebody is coming……Shanghai frowned, and in his heart it was estimated that he was a cultivator who stepped into the outer layer of the inheritance land. He didn\’t intend to have any evil with any cultivator, so he was ready to leave when he returned.At this time!Two figures swept in. They were a pair of men and women. They looked quite strange and had never seen them before, but their expressions were slightly weird and complicated.It\’s you… the man said.Hear the words!Shanghai\’s brows suddenly wrinkled, he was familiar with this sound, because he had only heard it once before. This man was just beside Situ Ding and urged Situ Ding to solve it quickly. As for the other woman, if it is correct If it is, it should be the third person at the time.Shouldn\’t these two people be on the Avenue of God Emperors, how could they suddenly run down? Could it be that Situ Ding didn\’t give up, so he chased them down with them? It\’s a pity that the perception and spirituality are now suppressed, and Shanghai can\’t perceive the real ability of the two.However, I had sensed these two people on the Divine Emperor Avenue before, and gave myself a sense of inexplicable danger. It was obvious that the strength of these two people was still higher than that of myself.It\’s really unexpected, I actually met you here.The man has blue hair and looks handsome, but with triangular eyes, it feels quite cold. His eyes are full of hatred and a hint of killing intent.You two, I have no grievances or grudges against you, there is no need to target them like this, Shanghai said loudly.For you?

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