Xiao Siyu was quietly held in Jian Xi\’s arms and sat on a chair. Several good-looking servant girls came in with tea lamps and began to make and pour tea. At that time, a burst of tea fragrance spread in the hall.

The Thunder God Spear emerged, and Shanghai slammed into it.Bang bang bang…A large number of powerhouses eroded by the evil spirits were swept out by the Thunder God Spear. Although the Thunder God Spear does not have the power of an imperial weapon, its material is top-notch. Shanghai can pour all the power into it without any scruples. Don’t worry about it breaking.The blood surged in the body, and Shanghai\’s fighting spirit was urged to the extreme, and the thunder spear was constantly swung out, and the strong men eroded by the ghosts were blasted out. The two gods approached the strong men of different levels and waved them out. The power of is immense, full of destruction.The first nine styles of Taishi!Bang!Under the supreme magical skills, two powerful masters of the general level were blasted backwards.Through this match, Shanghai has probably felt the strength of these two god-level powerhouses, which are similar to the previous god-general, and even weaker by one or two points. The second form is once again motivated. , The power is several times stronger than before.boom……Two powerhouses of the god general level were smashed into the air on the spot, but they were only slightly injured.The third style is out again!After three consecutive poses, the two powerful masters of the god general level finally fell, and Shanghai also slowly put away the thunder spear, and walked towards the end.And at the crossroads in the past, the movement has attracted some strong people. These people have not been corroded by the ghosts. I saw many fallen strong who were eroded by the ghosts, especially those two gods. Afterwards, these strong men couldn\’t help taking a breath, and looked at Shanghai with complicated eyes.No one stopped, because it couldn\’t be stopped, and there was no need to stop it.Even some of the strong men who rushed forward, after seeing the situation here, spontaneously let themselves into the sidewalk. Everyone looked at Shanghai with complex expressions, some with shock in their eyes, and some with surprises on their faces.In the deepest part of the first floor, a teleportation formation stood horizontally here, and Shanghai stepped directly into the teleportation formation without any hesitation.呲…With the white light shining up, Shanghai\’s figure quickly disappeared.at this time!The ghosts floating around, condensed into an extremely old face. When Shanghai\’s consciousness disappeared, he noticed this face, and he couldn\’t help but startled. He noticed that the face opened slightly, wanting to tell him something. .

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