Chapter 378 saving lives

Facing the intimidation of the phantoms, Shanghai ignored them and sat cross-legged on the spot.This move left Gu Yu and Mu Xing inside for a while. Isn\’t Shanghai really afraid of these old monsters? You know, the aura of these old monsters is extremely terrifying, each of them is at least higher than the high-level gods, and may even be the top-level gods.Seeing that Shanghai ignored himself and others, the phantoms were furious.Asshole.Boy, you are so obsessed that you think I can\’t wait for you?A trivial third-grade artifact, do you really think you can stop me from joining forces? The phantoms stared down, sweeping down the sky like an endless sky, and the residence could no longer bear it, with a loud bang. Become fragments.In the face of this earth-shattering aura, the Sky Cup buzzed endlessly, blocking all the aura. In terms of attacking and killing power, it may be much worse, but in terms of defense, it is extremely powerful.Shanghai didn\’t even look at it. If these old guys dared to do it, they would have done it a long time ago.These old guys are afraid to take action. There are two main aspects. The first is naturally the discipline of the City of All Things. Even if the gods will be hit by a blow, it will not be much better. If the shot is hurt by the laws of the City of All Things, This is still a trivial matter. If you show your face and are run into by enemies of the past, it is hard to say.The second is naturally that the old guys are afraid of each other, and all of them want to monopolize the so-called evasion of the law of the city of all things. .The law of evading the laws of the City of All Things, for the old guys who have reached the top gods, the temptation is not one or two. In addition to the many treasures accumulated in the City of All Things from the ancient times, there are also rare treasures brought by many powerful people this time. .If you can obtain the law of evading the city of all things, then it will be like Shanghai, no matter how you move, you don’t have to worry about being punished by the law, and anyone who rebels will be punished by the law, which is tantamount to possessing Wushuang A sharp weapon, as long as you walk around in the City of All Things, it will be enough to catch an astonishing number of treasures.Don\’t underestimate these treasures, they might be able to make a top-level god defeat the secret of heaven and reach the level of a god in one fell swoop.Although the surface is calm, Shanghai\’s heart has been strained to the extreme.Because after being bombarded by the two bosses, the third-class artifact, the Sky Cup lost a lot of power. If these old monsters work together, it may not be able to stop it, so now I can only delay the time and try to make the Sky Cup alive. Regain more strength.A special barren pattern was secretly pinched by Shanghai in the palm of his palm. This is the second god-sharp barren pattern. Once the old monsters make a move, they will crush this barren pattern and play the Taishi Nine Swords. How long can it be blocked? .Many phantoms still have no signs of taking action. The old monsters seem to know the defensive power of the Sky Cup. Even the two old monsters of Jiuxing Tianluo have not been able to defeat them in one fell swoop. In the end, they were hurt by the rules of the City of All Things and embarrassed. Frantically leave.Unless it can be smashed with one blow, even after it is smashed, Shanghai cannot be killed, because they have to obtain the law of evading the city of all things, so the difficulty is very high. It is impossible to smash the cup of defense in one fell swoop. Kill Shanghai.This makes it extremely difficult for many old monsters, because the most important thing is that they cannot predict whether Shanghai will be able to stop the remaining prestige. , It is simply not worth the loss.At this time!

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