During the day, knowing that the abilities of Jianxi\’s at least level 4 alchemists and at least level 5 array mages are concentrated on a young girl in her early twenties, it is so shocking that shangguanbo\’s eyes look at Jianxi are more intense.

Chapter 1250 Another HelperAfter leaving the Xuetian Temple, Shanghai temporarily settled in Mu Xuezong. Recalling the previous conversation with Mu Wanran, it was obvious that Mu Wanran was quite jealous of the middle heavens of God\’s Domain, even the gods, not to mention there are only three of them now. He at the world-honored level.It is impossible to break through again. Even if you have rare treasures, Shanghai will not rush to upgrade. This will cause your foundation to become unstable, and if you reach the fourth world deity, it will be at most equivalent to the top-tier gods.Now that the Cthulhu General has been accepted, Shanghai feels that this card is not enough. After all, the Cthulhu General has the realm of a God General, but he does not have the corresponding strength and rich experience. Weird, which one is not as cunning as a fox.Even if it is Mu Wanran, even if she has injuries, she still stabilizes the evil god general, and she has only cultivated for more than two thousand years. Compared with those old monsters who have practiced for forty to fifty thousand years, in terms of combat experience , There are still big shortcomings.Before this, Shanghai had used the spirit of mind to investigate the fights of those old monsters, one by one, they were simply doing everything, every bit of strength was used on the blade, if Mu Wanran did not have an absolutely powerful assassin, It is also difficult to fight against bosses of the same level. After all, her cultivation speed is too fast, and her fighting experience is a bit worse than bosses.Taishi Nine Forms are terrifying, but Shanghai\’s realm is too low, and he can only mobilize the first six forms. As for the latter three forms, even if he has power, he can\’t mobilize them. This has nothing to do with realm and power, but a kind of opposition to Taishi. The comprehension and application of the nine forms.If the first six poses are the prelude, then the last three poses, each of which is the real Taishi power. Shanghai used it when it first enlightened it, and it was inspired by unknown magical skills. The last three poses , The latter one is more than a hundred times more powerful than the former one.The first generation of ancient Xuanzong sect masters in the past should have realized the ninth formula, so they can sit alongside the god king. Maybe that sect master is not a god general, but a high-level god general. The prestige of Ancient Xuanzong has lowered its true state by one level. Shanghai speculated in his heart.Those who have not comprehended the nine forms of Taishi will not understand the true power of the nine forms of Taishi. Although it is only for high-level gods to achieve the power of attacking and killing the gods, it is also extremely terrifying, high-level gods There is a whole difference from the god king, not to mention, the gap between the two is even more different.The reason why I can\’t comprehend the last three styles is that the quality of the unknown magic skills is not high enough, so the nine Taishi styles are restricted… Shanghai Xin said.When he first obtained the nameless magical skill, the ancestors of the spirit god once said that this is an extremely mysterious magical skill in the world, even if he is quite greedy, but Shanghai just knowsIt can absorb other magic skills, so the three basic magic skills are all included.Later, when the frozen world had absorbed the third-class magical skill, Shanghai realized the terrifying of this nameless magical skill.Third grade magical skills!It is a true magical skill, it contains the profound mystery of the skill, and it can be absorbed, which is enough to explain the special feature of the nameless magical skill, but no one has thought that in the end even the supreme magical skill such as the Taishi Nine Types Being able to absorb it once again gave Shanghai a great surprise.Even the supreme magical skill can be absorbed, what level of horror should this unnamed magical skill reach?Holy Book!Shanghai wanted to read this legendary book, but unfortunately he didn\’t know where it was.After the nameless magic skill reached the pinnacle of the fourth stage magic skill, it was difficult to go further. Shanghai didn\’t know how to improve it for the time being, so he could only let it go for the time being.

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