\”Yes! She has arranged a five level array and killed monks out of the body.\” Hua ling\’er knows these things very well all the way. Now, although she is a little afraid of the reaction of these old men, she has no choice but to answer them one by one.

What is even more incredible is that the strength of this blue gauze is only at the level of the fifth world respect.Even the deacons of the older generation behind the crowd couldn’t help but feel trembling about it, and they couldn’t help thinking that they weren’t old. They were the pinnacles of high-ranking gods, but they weren’t in the face of this blue veiled person. Dare to pretend that you can defeat the opponent.The only realm level of the Fifth Blessed One could have such terrifying ability. If it reached the level of the Sixth Blessed One, when it was comparable to a high-level god, wouldn\’t it be invincible under the realm of the God King?Reincarnation of life and death…It\’s terrible!Many young powerhouses are full of enthusiasm. They know the gap between themselves and those in blue gauze, but this gives them a greater goal, especially those who insist on the ontology cultivator, have seen their own way out. .The cultivation of the body is not worse than the body of the gods, and it is even more terrifying. As long as you understand the magical skills of reincarnation, you can surpass the people of the same generation.Unpredictable black and white ripples, containing the power of judging life and death, slowly spread out, and quickly spread towards Shanghai.Life and death line!Shanghai\’s eyes were fixed, and he smashed a punch, violently hitting the black and white ripple, which was suddenly torn apart.Broken? Ji Ya frowned slightly.Not necessarily, this blue-clothed person\’s control of life and death skills has reached the extreme level. Seeing the degree of evolution of those life and death lines, it has reached the level of intertwining life and death, and continuous. The voice of the Variety Palace Master Shi Nanshi Female, her tone was indifferent.The rest of the palace owners nodded slightly and agreed. No matter how you look at it, Shanghai will undoubtedly be defeated. The horror of this ripple of life and death is related to its endless life. Part of it is broken, or it will reappear. No matter how it is broken, it will be difficult to break.It\’s like struggling between life and death, no matter how hard you struggle, unless you find that gleam of life, otherwise the final result will still be lost.The old immortal, who has always been calm and gentle, has stood up at this moment, his eyes are full of solemnity, and there is a trace of worry.Elder Yao, thank you for your strange spirit. Elder Situ couldn\’t help but laugh, and he arched his hands again and again. He didn\’t expect that Shanghai would be so stupid that he refused to become a disciple of the Night God King. This is exactly what he wants, as long as Shanghai loses. , The life and death of this son is left to his control.The outcome is undecided, it\’s too early to say this, right? Old Undead said solemnly, but his eyes were staring firmly.The outcome is undecided? Could it be that Elder Yao still can\’t tell? Since Elder Yao is so confident in this son of Shanghai, let\’s wait for the result. Elder Situ sneered, scolding him to deceive himself and deceive others in his heart. At this moment, he actually paid back. Can\’t see how big the gap between the two is, the blue veiled person has far surpassed Shanghai in the control of the reincarnation magical skills.And this ripple of life and death is endless. If the blue veiled person reaches the realm of the god king, even if it is encountered by Elder Situ and others, there is not much certainty that it will break open, let alone Shanghai, even if Shanghai understands the cycle of life and death. Divine skill, but that is just just realized, and it hasn\’t reached a higher level.The broken wave of life and death quickly condensed again, and Shanghai\’s expression became more and more serious, and he once again shot the front line of life and death.

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