In front of this Shangguan cloud, although it is also very handsome, it also has a feminine temperament, but this temperament makes Jane Xi very uncomfortable. Observing the five people in front of her, it is only a moment.

Shanghai\’s body trembled, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood. The two giant hands came to a halt for a while, but they pressed over again and couldn\’t help gritting their teeth. Although they possessed an endless stream of power, the third-class magical skills were fascinated by the frozen world. His consumption was too great, and the blow he had just performed consumed most of his mind.Without the maintenance of mind, it can\’t be used again, Shanghai can only use nameless magic skills.Since one strike is not enough, ten strikes, one hundred strikes…chant!The extreme state of reincarnation was urged to the extreme. On Shanghai\’s body, nine lines of reincarnation appeared, rotating around his body, and then the ancient demon\’s Eucharist burst out, and the two pushed each other endlessly. The power of God is like a turbulent sky, rushing out wildly.Anonymous magic…With the help of an endless stream of supernatural powers, Shanghai has repeatedly played unnamed supernatural skills, and has already blasted out more than ten blows in an instant.Boom boom boom…The two giant hands, under the bombardment of successive unknown magic skills, were actually pressed in their original positions, unable to lose any more points.what……Sen Luo was shocked, knowing that what he was using was a secret technique that the alien cultivation of the extreme realm had left since the ancient times. It was extremely powerful. Once it was displayed, few powerhouses of the same level could avoid it. , And Shanghai was abruptly blocked.What made Sen Luo even more shocked was that Shanghai\’s divine power was so powerful that he continued to use such powerful magic skills, but he didn\’t see much loss, and his cheeks couldn\’t help but twitch slightly. How much divine power was contained in his body. , After swinging hundreds of punches in a row, there is still no sign of exhaustion.boom……The two giant hands were blasted back by a foot. Although only one foot, it made Sen Luo\’s face even more ugly, because at this moment Shanghai is still at its peak, as if his power is inexhaustible. The same.If this goes on, the two giant hands will eventually be broken. As soon as he thought of this, Sen Luo quickly urged his power. The two giant hands suddenly became more solid and bigger, and continued to press down. But when he was still ten feet away from Shanghai, he was once again abruptly suppressed.The power that urged the Supreme Holy Master to the pinnacle of the World-Honored Realm could not shake a Holy Master. If the rest of the people knew it, they would definitely be shocked to speak.The ability of Shanghai has already made Senluo incomprehensible. What could have been killed directly, but was forced into a war of attrition. At this moment, it is stronger than anyone else. Senluo is naturally fearless if he is replaced by someone else. After all, he himself was in the realm of the world-sovereign. Although he could only wield the power of the Supreme Lord\’s peak, it was enough to suppress any Supreme Lord.However, facing Shanghai, he has no confidence, because Shanghai\’s ability is too amazing. Is there any holy lord who can wield powerful magical skills like him without the slightest exhaustion. Up to now, a total of more than a hundred moves have been!Shanghai is also under tremendous pressure. Although the power in the body is endless, it can\’t help being consumed like this. It has already consumed more than half of it, but because the surface of the ancient demon sacred body will not change much, Sen Luo cannot Just notice it.

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