Then, Jane Xi began to use her spiritual power to help the super long wound on her back gather together. At the same time, she used her spiritual power to help the wound heal. This process is very simple and not complicated.

The battle god condensed from his own blood was extremely weak.The onlookers stared at the God of Fighting in Shanghai, some frowning, and some with their faces full of incomprehension. They had been wandering on the battlefield for a long time, and they naturally had a certain degree of vision. Judge the pros and cons of the quality of God of War.However, the God of Fighting in Shanghai is unpredictable.after all!When it was only condensed, the movement of the battle god\’s killing field was too great, and the battle god that was transformed, no matter how bad it was, wouldn\’t be so bad, but the battle god in front of me was so low…Is it intentional?Some strong people speculate in their hearts.Feng Xin and others were also surprised, because the killing gods in Shanghai were too weird. At the beginning of the condensing, the movement was so big, but after the condensing, the momentum was so low. Like god.Brother Feng, maybe this guy is deliberately hiding himself.Be careful, this person comes from a weird background.Yes, you can\’t fall into his plan. The three outer disciples of Tian Zhanzong reminded again and again, because the situation in front of them was too weird.What about deliberately hiding clumsy? Even if he is a top fighting god, he is only the first time to participate in the fighting god killing field. It is not a fear at all. Hmph, so make a fuss and go to death. Feng Xin retracted his gaze and immediately urged himself. Fight God shot.He fought fiercely in the battlefield for hundreds of times. He hadn\’t seen what kind of situation, and it was a big deal to lose, so he chose to shoot directly.boom……The endless air current rushed down and smashed fiercely on the Battle God in Shanghai. The latter seemed to have no response at all, letting the air flow tore his body to pieces, turning it into pieces and falling everywhere in the Battle God killing field.ended?I don’t know if it’s the powerhouse onlookers who was stunned. Even the wind letter of the shot was a little unbelievable. But he had done some coping methods. He even thought of using a special fighting god forbidden method, but he didn’t expect it to be just a test. With one blow, the battle god of Shanghai was killed.Haha… laughed at me to death. I thought it was a powerful god of war. It turned out to be such a fragile waste. The headed Tian Zhan Sect\’s outer disciple laughed unscrupulously.I was scared to death. I thought this waste would be a little capable, but I didn\’t expect…I thought it was an unpredictable guy, which made me worry for a long time, but it turned out to be this kind of stuff. The other two foreign disciples couldn\’t help but sneer.

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