\”Well, it\’s up to her sister to pay the bill.\” Shen Hongyan learned quickly, so the two began to shuttle through the market.

In the tower that Shanghai continued to enter, there was still endless flashing light passing by, but as he had just realized that, this time he persisted for four breaths. After being pushed out, his face was a little pale, even breathing slightly. rapid.This is a magical skill left by the god king, even if it has been weakened to the extreme since the ancient times, it is not something ordinary people can easily bear.continue……After the breath adjustment stabilized, Shanghai once again stepped into the ancient pagoda.咻咻…Streams of light flashed by quickly, and during this period, Shanghai caught a trace of strange wrinkles, and was surprised to find that those wrinkles were not void distortions, but spatial levels, which reminded him of himself and the void beast. The scene of traveling in space.The Void Beast has a kind of natural ability, it is the ability to travel through space, which can travel 100,000 miles away in a flash, while Shanghai has traveled a lot with the Void Beast. Although he had no heavenly consciousness before, his perception was inherently much sharper than ordinary people. So I noticed it.Now that it was confirmed again, Shanghai immediately caught a glimmer of inspiration.With the emergence of inspiration, the speed of the streamer accelerated again, and there were more and more wrinkles, but it was clearer than before.I understand, this body technique uses the space shuttle power… Shanghai Xin said.boom!The streamer disappeared.In the vast expanse of Hengyu, a person who is full of light and difficult to discern his face is standing on top of a huge star. This person does not exude the slightest power, but at the moment of facing this person, there is something in Shanghai. The feeling of looking up at Hengyu is unfathomable and hard to describe this person. It is more appropriate to describe it as remote.suddenly!This luminous person moved, and saw his figure swayed, and endless ancient patterns appeared around him. With these patterns, this person shuttled past, and the stars below completely exploded. This is because of this person. The speed is extremely fast.In the blink of an eye, this person has appeared in another galaxy.Seeing this scene, Shanghai was shocked and straddling a galaxy in one step. What speed is this? How far is the distance between galaxies? Recently, there are about a million times the size of the Great Wasteland. With Shanghai’s current strength, it will take ten years to fly from the extreme east of the great wilderness to the extreme west on the other side at the fastest speed. If it is a million times, then he will at least go for tens of millions of years.At the moment of seeing this scene, the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai showed endless insights. These insights continued to emerge, which made his perception and cognition of the body law continuously improved. He suddenly understood that he could walk through his own shuttle. How far? With his current strength and realm, he can only reach the speed of three hundred realms at most.but!Shuttle through space, but you can go from one galaxy to another galaxy in a flash.

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