As it moved, the earth trembled, and the mountains of spirits were crushed a little by it, which showed the terrifying strength of this desolate beast.

What I want to know is whether the cultivation method of God\’s Domain is different from that of the Great Desolate World? Why is the direct descendant of the True Underworld Protoss who has only the strength of the semi-saint master level, but has the realm of the great perfection of the world? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking. .This is the most perplexing question he has ever been. The evil man directly crossed the two levels of the Holy Master and the Supreme Holy Master in one step, and entered the realm of the Great Perfection of the First World Exalted. Of course, this person can only wield the strength of the half-holy master level. , Not even the real First World Lord, otherwise Shanghai would never have the opportunity to make a move, and would be directly crushed by the opponent.That\’s what you said, yes, it is indeed different. In fact, the cultivation method of God\’s Domain is closer to the ancient times and more orthodox. Said Yi Yi.Oh?There are many different rumors in the ancient times, and our Great Desolate Realm was in the most distant Primordial Era. It is said that it was in parallel with the God Realm. The Great Wilderness is called the Spirit Realm, and the God Realm is the Void Realm. The first one, a million smallThe world is just below these two realms. \”Bao Yi said whisperingly.The Great Wilderness and God\’s Domain are at the same level… Shanghai was shocked.What kind of interface is God\’s Domain? Although he has never been there, he has also heard that there are countless secret treasures there, and the cultivation method is handed down from the oldest era, and even the god emperor can exist in that world, which shows how high the power level of the gods is. .original!Shanghai thought that the Great Wilderness World was only one of a million small worlds, but did not expect that it would be in line with God\’s Realm in the Primordial Era, and it was also called the Spirit Realm. If it were the same area, why would the Great Wilderness World become like this? appearance?Shanghai\’s puzzled eyes turned to Bo Yi.I don\’t know. In the memory of my first generation of ancestors, after its arrival, the Great Desolation Realm has already begun to decline. Although it is not as declining as it is now, it does not have the grandeur of the spiritual world in the ancient times. It is in line with the top small world, but now it can only be degraded. Perhaps this is a sign of the great desert world, the yin and yang are in harmony, and the victory is reversed.Zhu Yi sighed and said: \”It may also be that something happened in the Primordial Era, so that the Great Desolation Region has fallen. What is it? The times are too long, and many allusions have long been destroyed. Can guess, but cannot find the root.\”Shanghai nodded, this really cannot be said clearly.Senior, the decline of this great wilderness is related to the law of inheritance? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Yeah! It is said that after the decline of the Great Desolate Realm, the creatures of the Primordial Era have already migrated, some have entered the God Realm, and some have gone to the other millions of small worlds, and when they left, naturally they also took away those that have been extended to the ancient times. The method of cultivation. What prevails in God\’s Domain today is the peak cultivation method of the Primordial Era. It is also the cultivation method that has lasted for thousands of years, but has never passed away.Ao Yi said: “Today’s cultivation methods in the Great Desolate Realm are some of the fragments left over from the ancient and ancient times, which have been sorted out by later generations, and some are not important cultivation methods obtained after going to the God’s Realm. He passed it on to his descendants.\”Chapter 0940 Mind IncorporatedHearing this, Shanghai was suddenly stunned.It\’s no wonder that the strong in the Great Wilderness world have always been unable to break through. Apart from the decline of the entire world, the most important thing is the cultivation method.

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