In a daze, Shanghai has a peculiar feeling.

The sharp spear smashed into a semicircle, and the barrier was cut with a crack of hundreds of meters long, like a blazing dragon going out to sea, blasting toward Shanghai with a fierce attitude.Mechanical skills-puncture!Shanghai swung his divine spear out, and the enchantment behind him was actually pulled by him, and followed his body to squeeze inward…FTLN 0836 I am a manAt the moment of swinging the thorn, Shanghai felt that the power of chaos was like a torrent of dyke bursting, rushing into the evil spirit spear, in the sea of ​​blood, thousands of powerful people floating corpses, and buried deepest in the sea of ​​blood The majesty contained in the Supreme Lord of the place was thoroughly stimulated.hiss……The evil spirit spear glowed with endless blood, like a blood sea universe, and the power of being a sixth-grade artifact was out……The power spurred by the wild and incomparable evil spirit spear penetrated the barrier and swept out on the spot. Some descendants of the god race who had no time to escape were swept out on the spot.A sharp spear is like a strong light, and a spear is like a bloody universe.Everyone at the scene only saw two rays of light collide together, and then the incomparable power exploded on the spot. The enchantment was cracked and cracked, almost bursting. This powerful blow made all the gods present. The descendants couldn\’t help taking a deep breath.Are these two guys really the same generation as you?Many younger generations can\’t help but wonder, they even think that these two are enough to rival the superpowers of the previous generation.The two figures exploded and slammed into the barrier behind them. The terrifying impact caused them to tremble at the same time. The two of them still held their respective artifacts in their hands. The difference was that Shanghai\’s expressions were wilted and the corners of their mouths overflowed. A trace of blood, on the other hand, Yan Potian, except for the frowning of the brows, there is nothing unusual.Obviously, the winner is decided.Shanghai\’s strength can definitely be ranked in the top three among its peers. It is a pity that I met Yan Potian, who has reached the realm of the semi-sage master. If his realm also reaches the same level, he should win. What a pity…No way, age limit, Yan Potian has cultivated for more than two hundred years, the power is extremely mellow, and it is infinitely close to a half-blood body.If you can fight Yan Potian to this level, if Shanghai grows up, it will definitely be a terrible person. If there are such descendants in the spirit and god line, I am afraid that I will laugh from ear to ear in my dreams. Many branches of ancient gods. The old man couldn\’t help but say.Not only the old elders, but even the people present think so. There are even many patriarchs of the descendants of the gods who are thinking about how many young girls in their descendants who have reached the age of marriage. The patriarch talked to see if they could get married?There are also patriarchs and elders considering whether their daughters or granddaughters should go to be concubine rooms in order to climb into Shanghai\’s future superpowers.

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