After repeated confirmations that the maid\’s injuries were okay, Shanghai only slightly reduced his vigilance. After all, it is always right to be careful.

The potential of Shanghai is terrible. If it continues to grow, the spirits and gods will surely rise under the leadership of this person. It will not be difficult to overwhelm the demons and gods in the future. Will there be room for the demons and gods in Yinzhou by then?Three times the ban on ghosts and gods!The pupils of the master of the Demon God Clan shrank and transformed into extremely strange symbols. The twelve children of the Demon God Clan who surrounded him turned pale, and their whole bodies trembled. The invisible bloodline power passed through these. The children overflowed, passed the forbidden method of ghosts and gods, and entered the demon\’s body.chant……The demon couldn\’t open his pupils suddenly, and even more tyrannical power gushed out of him. The blood-red skin turned into aquamarine green, and his facial features became ferocious, and the tumbling power impacted behind him. The enchantment shook the enchantment slightly.It\’s getting stronger… he\’s getting stronger…The demon of this demon god clan can\’t be so powerful, does he always hide his true strength?It seems that Shanghai, in the line of spirits and gods, has encountered a powerful opponent. The demon can\’t shake the enchantment by the power fluctuations that it stimulated. I am afraid that the strength of this person has more than doubled… We talked a lot.boom!The demon couldn\’t move anymore, his figure shook, and the burst of power caused the divine pattern on the barrier to appear, and released divine might to suppress it.quick!Almost to the extreme!Some of the elders, patriarchs and others of the Protoss branch present could not help being slightly discolored.This demon can\’t be so fast…At least 28 times the boundary speed.There was a series of subtle distortions in the barrier, and everyone only saw the afterimage of the demon passing by, his speed exploded to the extreme, and the divine power also urged to the point of extreme horror.Wow…A claw caught it, and a god pattern on the barrier was actually driven by this claw, and it was almost wiped out, leaving only a faint mark. It can be seen how terrifying the power of this claw is, even if Shanghai feels it deadly The crisis of…Chapter 0832: Breakthrough KingHeavenly feather step!

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